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Bose SoundDock Portable v2 Troubleshooting

iPhone Not Charging When Connected to Docking System ¶ 

When I plug my phone in, it won't charge.

SoundDock Needs to be Charged ¶ 

Make sure the SoundDock is either plugged into the wall of has been charged if the SoundDock isn't plugged in or charged it wont be able to charge your device

Something Blocking Connection ¶ 

Remove any protective case that might impede the connection of your iPod/iPhone to the dock. There may be something stopping the port on your device from connecting properly. Dust may also cause a bad connection. You may also try blowing gently on the 30 pin connection on the dock to remove any dust then do the same in your iPhone/iPod.

If this still doesn't work you may have to replace the dock, please refer to the dock system replacement guide.

Loss of Remote Functions ¶ 

The remote for my speaker isn't working.

Bad Signal ¶ 

Stand in front of the device and make sure there are no obstructions between you and the SoundDock receiver (located near the top of the gray mesh cover).

The remote communicates with the system through infrared light, if there is something blocking the signal then the SoundDock won't receive it.

Dead Remote Battery ¶ 

The battery in your remote may be dead and need to be replaced. This is done by turning the cover slightly to the left with a coin or fingernail. After taking out the old battery of the remote, place the new battery in with the “+” sign facing up. Place the cover back on the remote by turning to the right.

If that doesn't help, refer to our remote battery replacement guide for clearer instructions.

System Malfunction ¶ 

The whole system could be at fault. Unplug the system and wait a couple minutes. Then plug the system back in and test the remote again.

Faulty IR Sensor ¶ 

If it is still not working, refer to the IR sensor replacement guide on how to replace this part.

Loss of Sound ¶ 

My speakers aren't making any sound when my iPod/iPhone is connected.

Bad Device Connection ¶ 

Remove your iPhone/iPod from the dock and any case that might impede a good connection. Wait 10 seconds then place the iPhone/iPod back into the dock; make sure the volume is up on the SoundDock.

iPhone/iPod Isn't Playing Music ¶ 

Check to make sure that your iPhone is playing music and that the volume is turned up on your device. If it still does not work try unplugging and plugging back in the SoundDock and turning your Phone off and back on. This simple reset may solve your problem.

If that isn't the solution, check out to the docking troubleshooting section for more help. Then if that doesn't work, refer to the speaker replacement guide.

The System Does Not Work on Battery Power ¶ 

My speakers only work when they're plugged into an outlet.

Speakers Entered Protective Mode ¶ 

If the system is disconnected from AC power and unused for 14 or more days, the system enters a protection mode to preserve battery power. Plug your system in to reactivate it.

Dead Battery ¶ 

Make sure the battery is fully charged. Charge time is up to 10 hours in play mode or in standby.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the device is charged and still does not work, please refer to the battery replacement guide.

Trouble Connecting to Dock ¶ 

I'm having difficulty hooking up to the dock.

Lightning Connector ¶ 

You may have a iPhone 5 and up. To update the speaker to a lightning connector, purchase a converter for your system here.

Replacement of Docking System ¶ 

If the connection isn't your problem, the dock may be broken and needs to be replaced. To do so, refer to the dock system replacement guide.

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My SoundDock portable will make the beeping sound when I turn it on and the green light stays on for a few seconds. When I touch the volume control the light does not go back on. when I turn my ipod on and start the music and plug it in to the dock it the ipod plays a few seconds and then goes off. The SoundDock does not play..

If I leave the unit unplugged for an hour or so and plug it back in the unit may actually play for a minute or so and then it goes off. I have tried everything to get it back on. It acts like it loses power. I have checked the output of the Power supply with a meter and it puts out 20 volts DC. My 30 pin dock is not damaged and is very stiff in its base. The power plug, male and female, is firm like it should be. How can I fix this. Are there replacement parts available?

Larry Pumphrey - 답글

I have the same problem... did u fixed it?

marceloobragaa - 답글

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