"Note:" This troubleshooting guide covers only the Canon EOS Rebel T1i . Other Canon Camera models will be covered in separate troubleshooting guides.

Broken/Cracked LCD Screen ¶ 

My camera has a broken or cracked screen.

Dropped Camera ¶ 

If your LCD screen is cracked or broken, you will probably need to replace the entire camera's screen. Visit the repacement guide on Canon EOS Rebel T1i Front Screen Replacement .

My Camera Won't Turn On ¶ 

I can't get my EOS Rebel T1i to turn on.

Drained Battery ¶ 

If your camera won't turn on, the battery might need to be charged. Try to charge your battery before you tear down your device. For instructions on how to recharge your battery, check the camera's manual: http://www.fhs.cuni.cz/ohsd/stranka/doku...

Bad Battery ¶ 

If you tried to recharge your battery and your camera still won't turn on, it is possible that the battery is not recharging anymore and you will need to get a new one. Visit the replacement guide on Canon EOS Rebel T1i Battery Replacement

My Flash is Not Working ¶ 

I can shoot pictures, but my flash is not working.

Switch on Flash Mode ¶ 

Sometimes when you set the camera to auto mode, the flash will not work because the camera assumes there is enough light in the room that the flash is not needed. Try switching on the flash mode. For instructions, visit http://www.fhs.cuni.cz/ohsd/stranka/doku... .

Dirty/Broken Flash Spring ¶ 

When the flash is on, a spring activates the flash compartment, which makes it pop up. If the spring is dirty or broken, you can take three actions: (1) GENTLY try to open the flash compartment when shooting a picture; (2) Clean the area of the spring: (3) Replace the spring.

All My Pictures Are Turning out Blurry ¶ 

Whenever I take a picture, they all come out blurry.

Low Shutter Speed ¶ 

Your shutter speed may be too low. Try switching the camera to a setting with faster shutter speed, like the “sports” shooting setting, or manually increasing the shutter speed. Also, if you are shooting in a darker room, you can increase your ISO setting, which increases the camera’s sensitivity to light and allows it to capture the photos faster. For instructions, visit http://www.fhs.cuni.cz/ohsd/stranka/doku... .

Set Lens to Focus Automatically ¶ 

If you set your lens to manual mode, the camera will not focus automatically. If you don't manually focus the the lens by rotating it, all your pictures will come out blurry because they are out of focus. You can set your camera to focus automatically by switching your lens from "MF" to "AF." Visit http://www.fhs.cuni.cz/ohsd/stranka/doku... for instructions.

My Camera is not Saving Pictures ¶ 

My camera will not save any photos that I take.

Memory card is loose ¶ 

If your pictures don't save, try taking out the memory card of your camera and putting it back in. Try taking a couple of photos to check if it is saving the images now. For instructions visit http://www.fhs.cuni.cz/ohsd/stranka/doku...

My Camara's Eyepiece is Loose ¶ 

"The eyepiece on my camera is damaged."

Dropped Camera ¶ 

If you dropped your camera on a hard surface it could have landed on the eyepiece, or something could have hit it while you had your camera in your purse/backpack. It is likely that you need to replace your eyepiece. Visit Canon EOS Rebel T1i Eyepiece Replacement, and follow the easy steps on how to replace your eyepiece

My Camera's Grip is Damaged ¶ 

"The rubber grip on my camera is coming off, or it is damaged."

Nornal Wear and Tear ¶ 

The rubber grip is usually damaged when you are using the camera. You might have scratched it with your nails as well as pulled one of the edges out. The best choice to fix a rubber grip is by replacing it because your camera will look better and you it will be more secure in your hands. For instructions on how to replace your rubber grip, visit Canon EOS Rebel T1i Rubber Grip Replacement

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Camera wont power on.

we took camera from cool/ac indoors to warm/humid outdoors at the beach. lenses all fogged up and camera stopped working. now the camera will not even power on. have replaced battery with fully charged one and cleaned battery terminals inside camera and on battery, no joy. also removed,cleaned and reinstalled memory card without success. no apparent physical damage to camera body or lense.

Dallas Fox - 답글

Same here... Did u figure it out?

Freddy Prospero -

same here ... please let me know if you know what happened or what because i bought a new battery as well and it still wont power on

wizardofauctions - 답글

When shooting in autofocus the camera won't focus it acts like it's trying to focus but just won't how do I fix?

candace - 답글

In my case when i turned on my camera it opened but when tried to click picture it went of and doesnot turn on .I tried removing battery and memory card,and again put them back and it donot turned on. then i charged battery and put it .Camera turned on but while i try to click it goes off like same


prabin kandel - 답글

I notice my pictures have these lines down one side of each picture. I thought it was my new lens. When I put another lens on the camera I got the same result. Concerned and not sure what to do.

sparkadood - 답글

We have also experienced the camera not turning on after being in the cold (wet) outdoors taking pictures then going inside and drying it out, charging the battery, as well ass removing and drying the SD card and letting the camera sit on a heater vent to completely dry out. Still no power on Was a fix ever found out? Dec. 22, 2016

Katie and Scott Crane - 답글

My camera wont turn on with memory card inserted. but when I remove it, the camera turns on. And also when it turns on, the red light on the bottom right wont blink.. What seems to be the problem?

Benedict Maddara - 답글

So I am curious to know why my T1i won’t take pictures when it is in Auto Focus mode. It will snap pix in Manual Focus though. When in AF and depressing the shutter button, the camera sounds as if it is starting to focus but then nothing….

Any help?

Keoni Vadez - 답글

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