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Canon EOS 5D Mark II Troubleshooting

Before trying any of these troubleshooting steps, perform a soft reboot; that is, turn the device off then back on again. If none of these steps fix your problem, perform a hard reboot; that is, turn the device off and remove the battery and backup battery, press the shutter button multiple times in order to drain any left over power, then put the batteries back in and turn the device back on.

Images are Blurry or Have Markings ¶ 

Images look smudged or have other marks scarring the picture.

Mirror is Dirty ¶ 

If you see marks or smudges when looking through the viewfinder, it could mean that the mirror is dirty. The mirror can be cleaned after removing the lens. Be sure to use specialty cleaning equipment; your old t-shirt will scratch the mirror, permanently damaging it.

Memory Card is Corrupted ¶ 

The memory card might not be saving the images properly. Try using a different memory card.

File Type Is Not the Best ¶ 

If you see vertical lines on your images, the file format might be the issue. Use RAW or JPG file type.

Mirror is Scratched ¶ 

If you see a thin line on every photo, the mirror is probably scratched and must be replaced. Visit the mirror replacement guide.

Focus Plate is Loose ¶ 

If you hear rattling when you shake the camera, the focus plate might need tightening. Visit the focus plate replacement guide to learn how to access and tighten the focus plate.

Card Reader is not Functioning Properly ¶ 

If you have already tried the previous steps, the card reader might not be transferring data to the memory card properly. Visit the card reader replacement guide.

Images are Being Partially Overwritten ¶ 

Images have portions missing or significantly obscured, usually on the edges.

Memory Card is Corrupt ¶ 

The memory card might not be saving the images properly. Try using a different memory card.

Backup Battery is Dead ¶ 

The small backup battery may be dead and in need of replacing. Visit the backup battery replacement guide.

Card Reader is not Functioning Properly ¶ 

The card reader may not be saving images onto the memory card properly and may need replacing. Visit the card reader replacement guide.

Cannot See Images on the LCD Screen ¶ 

Anything displayed on the LCD screen is difficult or impossible to see.

Device is Not Powered On ¶ 

Make sure the device is powered on.

LCD Screen is too Dark to See ¶ 

If the LCD screen is black, the brightness may be too low. Try turning it up or using the "Auto" setting. Consult page 162 of the instruction manual (linked on the device page) on how to change the brightness.

LCD Screen is Cracked ¶ 

If you see rainbows of color or obvious cracks, the LCD screen may be cracked and in need of replacing. Visit the LCD screen replacement guide.

Buttons Do Not Work ¶ 

Pressing a button does nothing, or buttons are impossible to press.

Buttons Have Residue ¶ 

If the buttons are not responding, they probably need cleaning. Take off the outer case and clean the buttons with a brush. Visit the rear button replacement guide to learn how to access and clean the button contacts.

Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

The device will not power on.

Battery is not Charged ¶ 

Make sure the battery is fully charged.

Battery is Not Inserted Properly ¶ 

Make sure the battery is inserted properly.

Device has Automatically Powered Off ¶ 

The device may be set to automatically power off. Try once again to turn it back on. You may also wish to change the auto-off settings.

Battery Contacts are Dirty ¶ 

If the battery is properly inserted and fully charged, make sure the battery contacts are clean. Simply look inside the battery slot and clean the metal contacts with a cotton swab.

Device is Suffering from Unknown Problems ¶ 

If the device powers on sometimes, but you do not see any error messages, or the device will never power on, it may be suffering from an unidentifiable problem. If the device will not power on, even when plugged into a computer, try reinstalling the lens, then perform a hard reboot.

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i awas trying an update and it say update file error reload the batterie and the camera just asks to update each time I restart or replace the battery.

mcyoss - 답글

I am having an issue where all memory cards can not be formatted. I have tried several new ones and the error message remains the same "cannot format. Change card." Which I have done acetal times now. How do I fix this issue?

Gillian Munro - 답글

I HAVE A CANON CAMERA BUT WHEN I FILM WITH IT I DONT GET VOLUME. SECONDLY i cannot snap in a roll like one to 10 pictures it will show error and on the lcd scree it will be asking me to insert my battery or put power off and on again. thirdly it ask me to change my lens that contact btween lens and camera is not good. what should i do.

mbuyeh saitong Gordon - 답글

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