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Canon PowerShot A3400 IS Troubleshooting

Release Date: 03/31/2012 Touchscreen LCD

Camera will not turn on ¶ 

You cannot get the camera to turn on.

On/Off button needs to be pressed firmly ¶ 

Start by pressing firmly on the on/off switch. If the camera does not turn automatically, it may need the power switch replaced. If the power switch is not broken, read below.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

Your camera may need a charged battery or a battery replacement. Begin by charging your camera normally. If the camera does not turn on with the charged battery, you might need a new battery. The Battery Replacement Guide will help you with this.

The LCD Display is not working ¶ 

Your camera may actually be on but the LCD display is malfunctioning. Refer to the LCD replacement guide to fix this.

Motherboard needs to be cleaned/replaced ¶ 

The motherboard can cause problems. It could have short circuited, needs to be cleaned, or something could have malfunctioned on the board. The motherboard should be replaced.

E18 Error displays on screen ¶ 

E18 Error displays on LCD screen.

Battery drained/Low battery ¶ 

Replace the batteries. Refer to the Battery Replacement Guide for more assistance.

The lens has dirt/sand particles that will not allow it to function ¶ 

Use compressed air to attempt to dislodge the particle. If that does not work or you do not have compressed air, you can attempt to remove the particle using a piece of paper.

Camera needs to be factory reset ¶ 

Follow the steps in the user guide to start a factory reset on the device.

Short battery life/Battery errors ¶ 

The camera loses power quickly after powering on.

Drained/Bad battery ¶ 

The battery may be drained due to excessive use or improper charging. The battery will need to be replaced. Refer to the battery replacement guide for assistance.

Poor Electrical Connections ¶ 

Electrical connections from the battery to the rest of the camera may be corroded. This can be caused by high humidity levels in the air. In order to enhance the electrical connections, the camera will need to be taken apart. Any electrical connections and wiring will need to be checked for corrosion and cleaned.

Cracked/Damaged LCD Display ¶ 

The display has an obvious crack on it or damage.

LCD needs to be replaced ¶ 

The device will need to be disassembled to replace the LCD display. Make sure the device is turned off before removing the screen. Replace the screen with a new LCD display and reassemble the camera. Use the LCD Display Replacement Guide for help with disassembly.

Camera will not flash ¶ 

This may be due to a deactivated flash setting on the camera or it may require a replacement for the flash assembly on the camera

Deactivated Flash Setting ¶ 

To ensure that the setting is activated, press the right arrow button again. The flash will automatically fire in low-light conditions as well so take it somewhere dark and attempt to take a picture to test if the flash is working properly.

Flash Assembly Malfunction ¶ 

The flash assembly will need to be replaced. Use this guide to assist with the disassembly of the camera.

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