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Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital Elph Troubleshooting

Released February 2005, identified by model number PC1114.

Broken wrist strap mount ¶ 

The wrist strap mount can break and requires replacement. See Wrist Strap Mount Replacement Guide.

Camera does not turn on ¶ 

Battery isn't charged ¶ 

The battery may not be charged enough to turn on. Try charging the battery.

Battery is defective ¶ 

The battery may not work anymore or won't hold charge. Battery needs to be replaced. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Battery Replacement Guide.

Can't take pictures ¶ 

Camera says it cannot take any pictures.

Memory card lock is on ¶ 

The switch on the memory card may be on "lock." Taking out the memory card and switching the little piece to the opposite side of the arrow should unlock it.

Memory card unlocked, but camera still won't take pictures ¶ 

The memory card may be faulty. Switching the little piece on the memory card to the "lock" position may solve the problem.

Can't perform any functions ¶ 

Buttons do no work ¶ 

The button contact board may be faulty. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Button Contact Panel Replacement Guide.

Flash does not work ¶ 

Camera doesn't flash when taking pictures

Flash is not turned on ¶ 

The flash may be turned off on the camera. Pressing the circular button surrounding the "FUNC. SET" button to the right turns the flash on and off.

The bulb is burned out ¶ 

The bulb may be burned out; in which case, the flash bulb may be replaced. In the event the entire flash assembly has been damaged (i.e. you dropped the camera and cracked the flash assembly), you will need to replace the entire flash assembly. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Flash Bulb Assembly Replacement Guide.

Cracked LCD display ¶ 

The LCD display screen is cracked or shattered. ¶ 

If your LCD display is shattered, the only thing that can be done is to replace it. Sure your camera will work without the display, but its functionality will be extremely minimized so replacing the display is highly recommended. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH LCD Replacement Guide.

Scratched camera lens ¶ 

The camera lens can be scratched if mistreated, leading to distorted and marred pictures. Replacement is necessary if the lens is scratched. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Zoom Lens Assembly Replacement Guide.

Stuck camera lens ¶ 

Camera lens won't open

Battery compartment open ¶ 

The camera lens may not work properly if the camera is turned on with the battery/SD compartment open. Turn camera off and close the compartment.

Camera lens needs replacing ¶ 

Camera lens may disfunction due to mechanical error. See Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Zoom Lens Replacement Guide.

Mini-USB cable problems ¶ 

Can't completely plug in cable or camera doesn't registered cable when it is plugged in.

Port obstructed ¶ 

The mini-USB port may be obstructed by debris. Try carefully cleaning the min-usb port.

Port defective ¶ 

The port may become defective due to wear and tear over time and will require replacement.

Unstable tripod port ¶ 

The tripod port may become stripped over time.

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