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Photos have blurry resolution despite the camera having a built in stabilizer

A tripod can dramatically increase the steadiness of a shot and its clarity. Pictures taken with extended zoom are more susceptible to blurriness and will require a tripod to improve stabilization.

For more helpful tips on how to better use your camera, please visit:

Camera LCD screen displays memory card error message and will not store pictures.

The memory card is orientation sensitive; make sure the memory card is aligned properly in the memory card slot. Try removing the memory card and putting it back into the memory card slot to see if that positions it correctly to work again.

Or try restarting the camera with the memory card in it, if memory card is not recognized.

Formatting a memory card from camera settings should alleviate any potential errors. This will reset the memory card and bring the memory card back to its original state.

Camera takes too much time to process photos after taking a picture.

Try using a memory card at a class 6 level or higher to improve processing speed. A faster card can operate and higher speeds and reduce lag time. Remove the former memory card and replace it with the new higher level memory card.

Screen is no longer functioning or is heavily pixilated.

Possible underlying causes to check:

Remove the battery, charge it and then reinsert it back into the camera. A drained battery will prevent the camera and the LCD screen from operating. The camera needs a charged battery in order to operate.

A cracked or non-functioning LCD screen will require replacement. A cracked screen should be replaced in order to restore clarity and improve viewing quality.

The LCD screen can disconnect from the motherboard and will require replacement components in order to fix the connection. Either the connection at the motherboard or at the LCD screen are disconnected and no longer operate as a unit.

Battery life is quickly drained.

Possible underlying causes to check:

Higher resolution pictures and using the video recording feature will drain the battery quicker than lower resolution photos. Limit extended periods of usage and frequency of shots to extend battery life.

Other things to check:

Make sure the battery is charged fully.

Check to see if the battery is inserted facing the right way.

Clean any dirty battery terminals with a cotton swab.

Battery performance decreases with a low temperature, so try warming it a little in your pocket, with the terminal cover on the battery.

If changing the battery doesn't work, then it has died and a new one needs to be purchased.

Buy back-up batteries

Back-up batteries will allow the user to exchange batteries when one is drained.

For a complete guide on your camera, please visit:

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I have a red, almost like a laser line throughout all of my photos..What could that be?


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