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Casio G'zOne Commando Verizon MIL-SPEC Troubleshooting

Series-G'zOne First released-28 April 2011 Manufacturer-NEC Casio Mobile Communications Model-G'zOne Commando

The phones battery does not charge when plugged into a charger.

See of the wire is cut or worn anywhere that would cause it not to have a good connection, also check the block piece that goes in the outlet and the outlet itself, and see if those are possibly the issue.

Sometimes old batteries cannot hold a charge or just simply fail. You would need to buy a new battery. So if the charger is not the issue, and the phone is still not powering correctly then you know that the battery is most likely the issue here.

To replace the battery check out our, Battery Replacement Guide

I am having issues with the speakers on the phone, they don't work (or it is just really low quality/distorted.) When I make a call, it is very quiet. Or the headphone jack isn't working.

Check the volume on your phone, it may have been accidentally turned down or turned off. Test to make sure that the volume buttons are actually working. The volume setting for making calls could be on low because it is separate than the regular volume.

Restarting your device could reset the potential software issue causing it not to output any sound.

If the issue arises while using headphones or an external speaker, there could be a problem with the headphone jack in your device and needs to be replaced.

If the issue arises while talking on the phone or while playing sounds, the speaker inside the phone may need to be replaced.

Phone is getting very little/no reception.

See if other people around you with the same service provider are having any issues as well. If they are, then the issue is with the service provider.

The issue could just be a glitch in the software of the phone. Restarting your device could resolve it.

Something could have gone wrong with the sim card in your device. Go to your phone provider to get a new SIM card activated. Then, refer to our SIM Replacement Guide

The camera is not working/when I pull up the camera app it doesn’t work and I can't see anything.

Check to make sure that there isn't anything obstructing the lens of the camera. For example, scratches, dirt, or dust.

If the storage on your device is full you will not be able to save photos. Clear up some memory on your device by deleting old photos or apps that you do not need anymore. You can also expand the amount of storage your device has by putting a micro SD card in your device.

This camera itself could simply be broken and needs to be replaced. Please refer to our, Camera Replacement Guide

When powering on the phone, it presents a blue screen and does nothing else

Remove the back cover of the phone and take out the battery. Let the phone sit without the battery in it for 5-10 minutes, then reinsert the battery. Restart the phone and see if everything is back to normal.

The operating system's data on your phone may be corrupt. Factory resetting your phone will bring it back to the state it was in the day it shipped from the factory and may resolve the software issue. WARNING: Factory resetting your device will get rid of all of the information you have saved to it. Back up any data that you do not want to lose before trying this.

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