Hair Dryer Won't Turn On ¶ 

Check your power source ¶ 

First, make sure the plug is all the way in the socket. If need be, reset the outlet, and/or the hair dryer plug itself. If the dryer still won't turn on, you may need to replace the switch. To do so, visit our On-Off Switch Repair Guide.

Cool Down Setting Not Working ¶ 

Cool Down Button may be broken ¶ 

First, make sure you give the dryer a second to cool down once pushing the cool down button. If after a 30 seconds the air is still hot then the button may be broken. To fix it, visit our Cool Down Button Repair Guide.

Cord Not Retracting ¶ 

There may be a jam, or the button may be broken ¶ 

First, hold down button and pull the cord out a little bit, and try to feed it in. It should start to retract after this. If it still won't retract, you may need to use our guide for Replacing the Cord Retracting Button, or our guide for Replacing the Cord Retracting Mechanism/Wheel.

Damaged Front Fan Grill ¶ 

If you have dropped your hairdryer, the front grill may be loose or dented ¶ 

If you want to replace this part, visit our Front Fan Grill Replacement Guide.

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