Dell E193FPc Troubleshooting

Screen is blank, blurry, or cutting in and out.

  • Make sure the computer/device connected to the monitor is on.
  • Make sure the monitor's power source is properly connected in the back and plugged in to an outlet.
  • Make sure the monitor is properly connected to the intended device via the VGA port. An adapter may be needed depending on the make of the device.
  • Check for any visible screen damage (cracks, holes, etc).
  • See our Screen Guide.

Monitor does not turn on/off when the power button is depressed.

  • This may be due to an internal problem on the circuit board. A replacement board (located under the interface buttons) may be needed. See our Interface Buttons Guide to get to the circuit board.

Some pixels remain off or on. Stuck on pixels will remain a single color. Dead pixels will display no color.

  • Determine locations of the faulty pixels. This can be achieved by changing the image displayed on your screen and noting the lack of change from a pixel/pixels.
  • Turn off the monitor.
  • Gently massage the screen at noted locations.
  • Turn the monitor back on to see if there is any change.
  • If no change, you may need to replace the screen. See our Screen Guide.

Picture too dim or too bright.

  • Reset monitor.
  • Push "Auto-Adjust" Button.
  • Select "Brightness" and adjust accordingly.

This requires a replacement to be done. See our Inverter Guide.

Image on screen is off-center or cut-off.

If the problem is due to the monitor, follow these steps:

  • Push "Auto-Adjust" Button.
  • Select "Centering" and adjust accordingly.
  • If problem persists, see Computer Settings.
  • Adjust Resolution settings in Control Panel/System Settings.

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my issue is not listed- when the computer boots up the display turns on for a split second then goes away. Pressing the on/off button and then back on brings the screen up for just a second and then it goes out again. Attached it to a desktop and another laptop- same results. Suggestions???

Eric Ferguson - 답글

My E193FPc display turns on when my computer starts, but then goes out. Pressing the off button and then pressing it on again, brings the display up for a split second then it goes out again. I attached it to a desktop and two laptops and it did the same. Any suggestions?

Eric Ferguson - 답글

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