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Device Won't Turn On ¶ 

Possible dead/drained battery, a broken display, or a far more serious internal issue.

Dead Battery ¶ 

"Before removing the guts of your 180BL, make sure the device is fully charged, or if the device will only work while on the charger. If this is the case, the battery must be replaced, as it can no longer hold a charge."

"To replace the battery quickly and correctly, please visit"| Eclipse 180BL Battery Replacement

Bad Screen ¶ 

"If your Eclipse still won't turn on, or display an image, the LCD screen could have malfunctioned and stopped working your next step is to replace the screen. The LCD screen could have had a wire disconnect internally."

"To successfully replace the LCD screen, please visit" | Eclipse 180BL LCD Screen Cover Replacement

Device Won't Charge ¶ 

There are two possibilities here, as the charging cable or the charging port on the device could be the issue.

Damaged Cable ¶ 

"It is likely the cable has been damaged, make sure to check both ends of the cable, as they see the most wear."

Damaged Charging Port ¶ 

"See if anything looks damaged or broken, or just plain out of the normal."

Replace the bottom charging port ¶ 

"This is only necessary if the charger cable has been ruled in good working condition, and has been replaced."

Touch Pad Not Responsive ¶ 

If the touch pad fails to respond after the device is restarted, you might have to clean or even replace the pad.

Disassemble to Clean/Replace ¶ 

"Weather just cleaning or completely replacing the pad, please visit" | Eclipse 180BL Touch Pad Replacement

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