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Ematic eGlide 4 Troubleshooting

Solutions for Troubleshooting the Ematic eGlide 4

Device fails to turn on. ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Ematic eGlide 4 to turn on.

Battery level too low. ¶ 

Charge the device. Connect to adaptor and re-check. If the device fails to start up after charging, please contact distributors or service personnel. Contact the Ematic eGlide 4 manufacturer at: 888-968-1985.

No sound from speakers. ¶ 

No matter what speakers have no sound output.

Volume setting too low. ¶ 

Check if volume is set at the lowest, if so increase volume setting.

Faulty audio file. ¶ 

Check if audio file (.MP3) is damaged. Play other audio files (.MP3) to re-confirm. Damaged file may result in noise or static only.

Broken speakers. ¶ 

If problems persist, you may have to replace your speakers using this guide.

Copy function is not working. ¶ 

If the copy function is not working and/or fails to play music.

Improper connection to PC. ¶ 

Check if the device is properly connected to PC. Re-establish connection if necessary.

Insufficient storage space. ¶ 

Check whether the device storage space is full. Delete excess files to free up space.

Faulty USB cable. ¶ 

Check to see if the USB cable is damaged.

Faulty USB connection. ¶ 

Check to see if the USB is properly connected. If properly connected, your USB port may need to be replaced by replacing the device motherboard, which you can do using this guide.

Twinkling screen or sudden shut off. ¶ 

Twinkling screen after turn-on or sudden shut off after starting up.

Low Battery. ¶ 

Plug in and charge device.

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