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Fujifilm FinePix S8630 Troubleshooting

When you press the power button, the camera won't turn on

Remove the batteries and reinsert them. Then power up the camera in the event it was a temporary malfunction.

Before taking apart the camera, replace the batteries to ensure this is not the problem.

In this case the screen may need to be replaced see our Screen Replacement Guide

The damage to the battery door of your devices' back plate is causing hand discomfort or poor battery connection.

Check to see if there is debris obstructing the closing of the door, if there is clean it out gently with a toothpick.

If the battery door is broken beyond repair you will want to consult our Battery Door Replacement Guide

The button to release the flash lid did not fully open the lid

Check for debris or other miscellaneous gunk that could be preventing the lid from opening.

Attempt to gently pry open the lid using an item that is small and thin that will not cause damage to the device. Be careful when doing this. try not to damage the device or injure yourself.

Refer to our Flash Lid Spring Replacement Guide

While taking attempting to take a picture the flash does not go off

Check on the screen to see if the flash indicator icon is present. If the icon is not displayed, press the lightning bolt button on the right of the radial push button.

This may be an indication that the flash if faulty and refer to our Flashbulb Replacement Guide

Pressing the record button on the camera does not record video

Check for any debris obstructing the buttons being pressed down, if there is debris clean it out gently with a toothpick.

Refer to our Button Panel Replacement Guide

"When watching my recording no audio is heard"

"Replace the batteries to make sure the speaker has enough power"

Refer to our Speaker Replacement Guide

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My zoom is not working is there a fix for this

Hezikiah Pritchett - 답글

i have tried everything on here with no luck, this is not my first s8630 it’s my third, and they ALL have done the same thing, when I take batteries out for replacement on ALL three that i have owned, they will not power up for anything, I just tried new duracell batteries and no luck, can anyone help me?

DAVID B - 답글

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