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Garmin Vivoactive Troubleshooting

You cannot wirelessly sync your device to your smartphone.

The Garmin Vivoactive is unlike other devices that only connect over Bluetooth. To connect your Vivoactive to your smartphone, you must use the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

  1. Open this link in a browser on your smartphone.
  2. Follow the given instructions to download and install the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
  3. Within the app, there will be on-screen instructions to pair your device and smartphone.
  • If this is not the first device you have paired with the app:
    • Select > Devices > + to add your new device.

You should make sure that the watch is running the most current version of the software. To check this:

  1. Select action key (button on right side of device).
  2. Select Settings> System > About
  3. On the second line, the version of software that the device is running will be displayed.

Follow the steps in our guide to replace the Vivoactive’s Motherboard.

The watch battery dies quickly.

Check that your device is set to the standard GPS tracking mode, and not GLONASS as well. This can save considerable battery life as the device is not trying to link to 2 satellites.

  1. Press the action key (right side of device).
  2. Go to System > Sensors > GPS.
  3. Select the toggle switch for GLONASS, then set to off.

The device retrieving excess notifications through your smartphone can reduce battery life.

  • IOS
    1. Select the settings application.
    2. Navigate to the notifications center.
    3. Scroll to the Vivoactive section.
    4. Choose only the items you wish to be displayed through the watch and turn off the rest.
  • Android
    1. Open the Garmin Connect mobile app.
    2. Open the settings tab.
    3. Choose only the items you wish to be displayed through the watch and turn off the rest.
  1. Press the action key (right side of device)
  2. On screen select: System > System > Backlight.
    • Adjust the mode, which determines under what lighting conditions the backlight will turn on.
    • Change timeout, which determines the amount of time the backlight will shut off.

If your battery continues to drain quickly, you may need to replace it. Please reference our guide on how to replace your battery.

While device is in use, it restarts.

Check that you are using the most recent version of the Vivoactive’s software. To do this:

  1. Go to Garmin's Website and find the most recent firmware version.
  2. Enter the Vivoactive’s Settings App.
  3. On screen select System > About.
  4. Cross reference the Unit ID version with most recent update on the site in step 1.

If you have the most current firmware version running, follow these steps to reset your device:

  1. Make sure to backup any important information you may have stored on the device.
  2. Go to the Settings app.
  3. On screen select System > Restore defaults.
  4. Follow on screen instructions.

Performing a factory reset can fix numerous problems with your device, but will eliminate:

  1. Make sure to backup any important information you may have stored on the device.
  2. Turn off the device (if the device won’t turn off, you may skip this step).
  3. Hold down the start/stop and power buttons on each side of the watch.
  4. Release the power button when the device vibrates the first time.
  5. Release the start/stop button when the device vibrates for the second time.
  6. A third vibration should occur in a few seconds indicating the device will turn on.

If the device does not turn on at this point see the non-responsive screen section.

Data doesn’t accurately reflect your activities.

Glonass is a GPS that can provide more accurate data in areas where it may be difficult to obtain a satellite signal. For more accurate data, enable GLONASS using the following steps.

  1. Press the action key (right side of device).
  2. Go to System > Sensors > GPS.
  3. Select the toggle switch for GLONASS, then set to on.

Auto Pause automatically stops recording data and timing when it senses a slow pace or paused movement, meaning that no history is available for that period of time. To turn this off follow the steps below.

  1. Select the action key (button on right side of watch face).
  2. Select the appropriate activity (i.e. running, swimming).
  3. Select > Auto Pause. There will be three options.
    • When Stopped: pauses timer automatically when you stop moving.
    • Pace: pauses timer automatically when your pace is below the specified value.
    • Speed: pauses the timer automatically when your speed drops below the specified value.
  4. Ensure that Auto Pause is not set to a pace or speed that is faster than your normal pace or speed. This would mean that no data is being collected for the duration of the time you are going slower than the set pace/speed.

If you are using a heart rate monitor and it is not properly registering with the Vivoactive, try the following these steps:

  1. Put on the heart rate monitor, which activates the sensors in the device. (It will only transmit when you are wearing the device).
  2. Bring the device as close to the sensor as possible.
  3. Tap the action key (button on right side of device).
  4. Select System > Sensor > Add New (remove the current device from this list if there is one).

You cannot control the device using the touch screen.

It may seem mundane, but dust dirt and other particulates can greatly reduce the function of the touch screen, follow these simple steps to clean your screen:

  1. If your device has a screen protector, remove it.
  2. Spray a bit of water or formulated spray onto a microfiber cloth.
  3. Wipe thoroughly.
  4. Using a dry microfiber cloth, immediately dry the surface.
  5. Replace the screen protector with a new one if desired.

Follow the steps in the Factory reset subsection to reset your device without use of the touch screen.

If your device is still unresponsive after following the troubleshooting guides above; the screen may be replaced by using this guide.

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My Garmin vivoactive is stuck on the "Garmin" Screen. I have tried plugging it in my computer but it cannot connect with it. How do I fix this?

Ales - 답글

I have the same problem. were you ever able to fix it?

bgubaci -

I had the same problem. Just follow the next steps

Resetting the Device

If the device stops responding, you may need to reset it.

NOTE: Resetting the device may erase your data or settings.

Hold (on/off) for 15 seconds.

The device turns off.

Hold (on/off) for one second to turn on the device.

albertocampillo8a -

I have the same problem, I can*t turn on the watch

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I had the same problem and I reinstall the connect app and that resolved the problem

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