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Garmin Vivoactive Troubleshooting

Unable to Connect to Smartphone ¶ 

You cannot wirelessly sync your device to your smartphone.

Paired Incorrectly ¶ 

The Garmin Vivoactive is unlike other devices that only connect over Bluetooth. To connect your Vivoactive to your smartphone, you must use the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

  1. Open this link in a browser on your smartphone.
  2. Follow the given instructions to download and install the Garmin Connect Mobile app.
  3. Within the app, there will be on-screen instructions to pair your device and smartphone.
  • If this is not the first device you have paired with the app:
    • Select > Devices > + to add your new device.

Out of Date Software ¶ 

You should make sure that the watch is running the most current version of the software. To check this:

  1. Select action key (button on right side of device).
  2. Select Settings> System > About
  3. On the second line, the version of software that the device is running will be displayed.

Broken Bluetooth Antenna ¶ 

Follow the steps in our guide to replace the Vivoactive’s Motherboard.

Short Battery Life ¶ 

The watch battery dies quickly.

Multiple GPS Tracking Modes Enabled ¶ 

Check that your device is set to the standard GPS tracking mode, and not GLONASS as well. This can save considerable battery life as the device is not trying to link to 2 satellites.

  1. Press the action key (right side of device).
  2. Go to System > Sensors > GPS.
  3. Select the toggle switch for GLONASS, then set to off.

Unnecessary Notifications Wasting Energy ¶ 

The device retrieving excess notifications through your smartphone can reduce battery life.

  • IOS
    1. Select the settings application.
    2. Navigate to the notifications center.
    3. Scroll to the Vivoactive section.
    4. Choose only the items you wish to be displayed through the watch and turn off the rest.
  • Android
    1. Open the Garmin Connect mobile app.
    2. Open the settings tab.
    3. Choose only the items you wish to be displayed through the watch and turn off the rest.

Backlight on too long ¶ 

  1. Press the action key (right side of device)
  2. On screen select: System > System > Backlight.
    • Adjust the mode, which determines under what lighting conditions the backlight will turn on.
    • Change timeout, which determines the amount of time the backlight will shut off.

Broken Battery ¶ 

If your battery continues to drain quickly, you may need to replace it. Please reference our guide on how to replace your battery.

Spontaneous Rebooting ¶ 

While device is in use, it restarts.

Obsolete Software Version ¶ 

Check that you are using the most recent version of the Vivoactive’s software. To do this:

  1. Go to Garmin's Website and find the most recent firmware version.
  2. Enter the Vivoactive’s Settings App.
  3. On screen select System > About.
  4. Cross reference the Unit ID version with most recent update on the site in step 1.

Improper Custom Settings ¶ 

If you have the most current firmware version running, follow these steps to reset your device:

  1. Make sure to backup any important information you may have stored on the device.
  2. Go to the Settings app.
  3. On screen select System > Restore defaults.
  4. Follow on screen instructions.

Damaged Software ¶ 

Performing a factory reset can fix numerous problems with your device, but will eliminate:

  1. Make sure to backup any important information you may have stored on the device.
  2. Turn off the device (if the device won’t turn off, you may skip this step).
  3. Hold down the start/stop and power buttons on each side of the watch.
  4. Release the power button when the device vibrates the first time.
  5. Release the start/stop button when the device vibrates for the second time.
  6. A third vibration should occur in a few seconds indicating the device will turn on.

If the device does not turn on at this point see the non-responsive screen section.

Incorrect Exercise Data ¶ 

Data doesn’t accurately reflect your activities.

GLONASS is Disabled ¶ 

Glonass is a GPS that can provide more accurate data in areas where it may be difficult to obtain a satellite signal. For more accurate data, enable GLONASS using the following steps.

  1. Press the action key (right side of device).
  2. Go to System > Sensors > GPS.
  3. Select the toggle switch for GLONASS, then set to on.

Auto Pause is On ¶ 

Auto Pause automatically stops recording data and timing when it senses a slow pace or paused movement, meaning that no history is available for that period of time. To turn this off follow the steps below.

  1. Select the action key (button on right side of watch face).
  2. Select the appropriate activity (i.e. running, swimming).
  3. Select > Auto Pause. There will be three options.
    • When Stopped: pauses timer automatically when you stop moving.
    • Pace: pauses timer automatically when your pace is below the specified value.
    • Speed: pauses the timer automatically when your speed drops below the specified value.
  4. Ensure that Auto Pause is not set to a pace or speed that is faster than your normal pace or speed. This would mean that no data is being collected for the duration of the time you are going slower than the set pace/speed.

Unregistered Heart Rate Monitor ¶ 

If you are using a heart rate monitor and it is not properly registering with the Vivoactive, try the following these steps:

  1. Put on the heart rate monitor, which activates the sensors in the device. (It will only transmit when you are wearing the device).
  2. Bring the device as close to the sensor as possible.
  3. Tap the action key (button on right side of device).
  4. Select System > Sensor > Add New (remove the current device from this list if there is one).

Non-Responsive Screen ¶ 

You cannot control the device using the touch screen.

Dirty Screen ¶ 

It may seem mundane, but dust dirt and other particulates can greatly reduce the function of the touch screen, follow these simple steps to clean your screen:

  1. If your device has a screen protector, remove it.
  2. Spray a bit of water or formulated spray onto a microfiber cloth.
  3. Wipe thoroughly.
  4. Using a dry microfiber cloth, immediately dry the surface.
  5. Replace the screen protector with a new one if desired.

Resetting the Device Without the Screen ¶ 

Follow the steps in the Factory reset subsection to reset your device without use of the touch screen.

Broken Screen ¶ 

If your device is still unresponsive after following the troubleshooting guides above; the screen may be replaced by using this guide.

댓글 134개

My Garmin vivoactive is stuck on the "Garmin" Screen. I have tried plugging it in my computer but it cannot connect with it. How do I fix this?

Ales - 답글

I have the same problem. were you ever able to fix it?

bgubaci -

I had the same problem. Just follow the next steps

Resetting the Device

If the device stops responding, you may need to reset it.

NOTE: Resetting the device may erase your data or settings.

Hold (on/off) for 15 seconds.

The device turns off.

Hold (on/off) for one second to turn on the device.

albertocampillo8a -

I have the same problem, I can*t turn on the watch

bubilibu26 - 답글

I had the same problem and I reinstall the connect app and that resolved the problem

idfbest -

Did you ever get it to turn on? mine doesnt

djhernandez1999 -

My watch powers on for two minutes then turns itself off

frog1 - 답글

Hi my Garmin Vivoactive constantly flashes. It's like the backlight is constantly flashing. Has only started doing this in the past 24hrs

Chris Summers - 답글

Mine either. I didn,t find a Way to solve the problem.

Claudio -

Just wondering if you have found a fix to the flashing backlight on your vivoactive as mine is doing the same. I have contacted Garmin and they are saying they are not aware of an issue.

yvettebuckingham -

My vivoactive HR is locked on a screen where it received a message from my phone. It is unresponsive and doesn't do anything when I push(and hold) the buttons or tap the screen. What do I do?

Albert Einstein - 답글

Hold Left button 15 seconds till power off, charge fully, turn off bluetooth close connect reboot. (turn back on connect) turn on bluetooth, pull screen down and hold until synch begins, That worked for me.

John Amick -

My garmin vivoactive hr with gps won't show my calendar with the training plan I signed up for but it shows on the app and website. How can I get it on my watch?

Sabrina Johnson - 답글

Each day, my Connect App is reset (I remove cycling, swim, golf, etc and save but they are back each day). In addition, the watch face I use offers a digital watch in the corner that I set to 24-hour format but each morning, it is back to 12-hr. I did not have any issues until I had to replace my phone (same kind-iPhone 6 Plus). Any ideas?

Kent - 답글

I've been having this issue as well; I think since the latest Garmin software update; my watch will not hold the 24-hour clock setting. I've tried to sync and unsync (remove bluetooth) and re-pair my watch to my iPhone, with no luck; I'm stuck in 12-hour time.

crystallynn04 -

The check button on my vivoactive is broken, so when I go to delete a run I can only push the X not the check mark. And when I wore it in the shower it went into sleep mode and I could not get it out for the same reason. I got it out of sleep mode by holding both buttons until it turned off but I still can't push any check marks. Another thing, there is a tiny crack in the top right of the screen so that might be the cause.

asher gust - 답글

Just an update, I found out that it is the whole bottom right of the screen does not work.

asher gust -

My vivoactive seems to have an issue on golf setting, downloaded courses are recognised but it then locks on -1 and it doesn't move or recognise holes?

Happened and now can't get it to stop.

Alan - 답글

I have had the same issue, but it comes and goes. Since the issue is not permanent, it does look like a software problem. I have the latest SW so a fix is needed.

Sami -

Mine just started acting up too. I have used it for over 100 rounds flawlessly, but today it's all goofy. I can't find any info on what to do to fix it.

Jake Graham -

Mine has stopped altogether saying when I try to download courses again that I have reached my 100 course limit, only ever down loaded 15, have been on to garmin not getting any joy

sharpie1961 -

This just happened to me yesterday. I opened the app on my phone and removed all downloaded courses, then re-downloaded the course I was playing. Everything worked after that.

coconur1 -

If the watch is not connected to the app it will only be able to display the last course. If it sticks on transferring data it could be the course file is corrupted. Remove that course from the phone and add it back. If it states that you have reached the 100 course limit but you don't have that many courses, in install the app and reinstall it.

Joseph L -

my Garmin is showing charged when on the docking charging station, but it wont turn on or off.

April Goodwin - 답글

I'm having the same problem, did you find a solution?

joshbarden14 -

resetting it works....hold both buttons for 15 seconds

thesladefamily -

Mine is doing same thing

i pushed button and it turned off but then it won’t turn back on

not responding to any buttons even if I try to reset

osharnoubi -

My vivoactive will log my run correctly and when I click save acts like it is saving, but when I go to sync my phone it says 0 on run activities and I can't get the run data off my phone. Anyone experiencing this?

John Colona - 답글

My vivosmart hr plus takes 5 to 15 min to connect to gps if it ever does I've reset the device made sure it was up to date still having this issue. Its not very convenient when you want to run but have to wait 5 to 15 or longer for your watch to get the gps signal. My son has a vivo active hr plus and it just takes a few moments standing right next to me so i dont think im out of range or anything. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

Kay merritt - 답글

I have the same issue. GPS on my garmin vivosmart hr plus worked for the first two days - I it did take at least a couple of mins to start - but then stopped working. The watch keeps saying 'Wait'. I returned the watch and got a new one but encounter the same problem. GPS doesn't work. Could anyone help?

Tanya -

The same is happening to mine! It says "Wait" and then never connects. It has worked once so I know it can connect... Any fixes?

Shannon Quealy -

The vivosmart HR+ relies on GPS data synced over to it from the mobile app. Try syncing with the app before starting an activity.

Joseph L -

I swim in an indoor pool and it doesn't read the distance correctly. I also have the same issue with the screen being non responsive despite being clean.

bronwynhope - 답글

I have a garmin 230 from five days ago and i can not use because the gps is not working. The function to run etc is bloked in red color, the same as the Symbol of the gps of the watch. I do not understand what I have to do, what is Happening? I was using until friday and everything was fine.

Ana Martinez - 답글

Hi, the bluetooth status on my vivoactive hr says waiting and has done for some time despite turning it off and back on again so unqble to pair with phone/tablet

Naomi richardson - 답글

I have the same issue - did you find a solution?

KAStockdale -

HR light is only on in apps, it is turn on in sensor/ puls

Henrik Bech - 답글

Hi, my vivoactive stop counting steps and put data to garmin connect.

Firstly it just didnt put my steps from yesterday, so i try to reboot it, and now it is not putting any data at all. try to delete from my account and put back - it didnt help. any advice? thx

David Simpsons - 답글

I cannot get my watch to turn on or charge? It has been plugged in on 3 different locations and just lights up with the little battery and the charging sign but never charges to turn on? I am getting frustrated! Any tips?

alicialacher - 답글

I have the same problem with my husbands watch and I just bought it!! Did you figure out the answer?

kristinedaniel -

Me too! I just got mine for Christmas yesterday and I had it charging all night nothing..still like 1 bar of charge can't seem to turn it on!!

jbabyjlc -

I have the same issue. Did you send it back or did you finally get it to work?

d11blood -

I can't get my garmin to turn on any ideas thanks

Steve Gilbert - 답글

My vivoactive will not turn on. Any help out there?

Sam Kalstad -

Since the latest app upgrade around a month ago my golf feature has stopped working . When I go to download the courses again it says I have reached my 100 download limit, obviously only ever loading about 15.

I have been in contact with Garmin Australia and have to email them data from the phone and the watch, but it is dragging on and not looking like a result.

The watch is still in warranty but the time they are taking who knows, all the sports bits still work well

sharpie1961 - 답글

My backlight only really lights up in the middle and is very dim on the sides and ends making it hard to read some of the options, is there any way to fix it?

Morgan Davis - 답글

I have a vivosmart, I forgot to put that.

Morgan Davis -

Can you auto pause when swimming?

Ian Langford - 답글

I can't download any apps because it says my vivoactive needs an update but my vivoactive seems to be updated because there are no updates available at garmin express

a01382507 - 답글

Try going into the Garmin Connect website instead of Garmin Express

SEO40 -

My vivoactive keeps flashing a 0:06 time screen every 6 seconds while I am running. It does record my run data but the flashing and vibrating every 6 seconds is so annoying. I tried powering it off. I updated the watch face software. Can't figure it out.

SEO40 - 답글

My Garmin vivoactive after last garmin connect update, giving me issue's with the Golf app.

will find the downloaded golf coarses and distance to them. But after selecting the one want to use starts downloading it but when finished jumps back to standard mode without starting the golf app.

Did complete factory reset, reconnecting etc but still same problem.

Anybody an idea how to address this with Garmin?

donaldvanschuppen - 답글

I had the same problem if you delete the course and download it again your problem should be solved

georgieboy92 -

Same here. Did deleting courses help ? Do I have to delete all the courses or just some of them ?

I have been golfing without using this app for a month. Still figuring out the way to fix this


Joejo Baesuvan -

I put a new battery in my heart rate monitor and now my watch won't pair with it.. what can I do?

shayshaywilliams - 답글

My screen is frozen on a message that has come through from my phone.. Anyone know how to get rid of this?

daniellehumphreys - 답글

I have the same problem. I can dismiss everything else that comes through, but not this message (now it's two messages because i had my husband send a test). I have turned text notifications off and on, and it seems to make no difference.

Micaela -

Vivosmart HR takes very long to find satellites before a run. Is there something in set up that I missed? Previously had Forerunner 410 and sync time was instant.

Brian Frederick - 답글

Hi I've just installed the Garmin connect app. I'm now stuck on create account. Have not been able to get any further for the last hour. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Turned off and on my phone. Any help... or this vivofit is going back to the shop

Grainne gantley - 답글

My watch wanted to install the latest software late last night and so I let it update. Woke this morning to a watch that will not power back on. I press the power button and "Garmin" shows up for about 2 seconds and is gone and nothing else. I have also tried pressing both buttons at the same time and nothing. Please advise.

April - 답글

After software update, i can't connect to bluetooth despite it being on both phone and garmin. tried to reset and still doesn't work. wonder if this software update it buggy and causing issues!

lizwhiteley1 -

My vivosmart has stopped recording my steps, occasionally it adds about ten steps so far has recorded 1860 steps for today which should have been somewhere around 7-8000 can ant one suggest anything?

Elizabeth Wildish - 답글

My vivoactive HR music control constantly states it is 'Waiting for Data'. I have followed all instructions to connect via Bluetooth through the watch and through the connect app and still no joy. Only had the watch 3 days and it was working for the first 2. Any advice on how to resolve is highly appreciated

Jon Chappell - 답글

I just got my vivoactive HR watch and also keep running into were the built in widget's keep saying (waiting for data) weather,notification and won't turn back on, I've tried everything from reset,Bluetooth,Garmin connect and syncing ,anybody else having this problem with there phone? I use a Nokia Windows 10 phone

psalm2310 -

My vivoactive HR is telling the wrong time! any idea how to fix it. it doesn't go back to proper time even when it has been synced with iPad. Liz53

Liz L - 답글

Is there a software update queued on your computer in the background? I tried the 15 second turn-it-off fix several times before it worked, and couldn't connect to my laptop. problem seems to have been either an Apple update or an MS OneDrive install queued...

Denis Cullinane - 답글

I received a vivoactive from my grandaughter to replace my older garmin. But the android app keeps reporting bluetooth communication errors. But the connect application always syncs without a problem. I want the notification to stop!!!!! Is there some way to turn off the bluetooth communication notification?

Bill McCartney - 답글

I can't get to the menu screen of my device, i press the menu button but it only vibrates and doesn't do anything. I just want to go into my settings so i can turn my bluetooth on and connect to my phone

jordanforsyth4 - 답글

Reboot the watch by holding the left button.

Joseph L -

My Vivoactive , never log steps and sleep time when battery is under 20%, why? I've already lost some day of log , there is a way to get it back?

Kap Teo (kapteo) - 답글

my garmin vivosmart HD reset itself what do i do to get everything back on without taking the app off my phone

Maddy Urbankiewicz - 답글

Same problem. The watch resets itself in some of the following cases (not repeatable):

- Finishing a running activity (I could not see it reboot but it changes the watch face and deletes german language. Still able to upload data to smartphone)

- Using the FHEMGarmin App (happened once when I was too anxious, rebooted)

- Installing some apps, widgets and data fields (rebooted)

Any idea what can be the root cause? Newest software is installed

Mats Schmalhorst - 답글

My VivoactiveHR touchscreen would not function. The buttons would switch screens but I could not do anything for choosing activities. I followed one of the recommendations to hold the on-off (L) button for 15sec. Once is shut off hold again for 1sec to turn back on. While holding to shut off the screen be prepared because it just gradually fades to off. Kinda creepy but when I stayed with it, it worked. When I held for a second it came back on. So far it only looks like the date was changed. Everything else is still there.

Kory - 답글

Try turning it off by just holding the left button 30 seconds. Then release and hold a few more to turn it back on.

Joseph L -

It's the second time the watch freeze with screen in red color and i have to turn it off. After it seems difficult to re start and i lost some hours of registration. Yesterday I registered a run and after other two activities... at the end it has keeep only the last one... :-s

rdepoli - 답글

I go to the menu to try and connect the Bluetooth and I can't press settings on the bottom of my watch face. I can touch history but not settings.

laneymarie21 - 답글

Just got my vivoactive and the menu (3 line) button is completely unresponsive. Do I have to return this or is their a fix? All software up to date and like I said, I just got it...

El Hinton - 답글

El what happened did you fix it? Mine is dead!

charlimccarthy -

That button only works in certain areas. Try taping it while in an activity.

Joseph L -

Why is my bluetooth stuck in waiting mode on my vivofit wifr is having the same issue with hers

Nino Lipari - 답글

So I went to Florida for the weekend, during which I was kayaking in the gulf. my watch worked for 3/4 of trip then I looked to check the time and it was off. I tried charging it (which I charged it before we went on our trip and the battery normally lasts 5 days or more) also I tried the manual reset. it acts like its dead, it doesn't do anything, no lights no nothing.

eric grilliot - 답글

Eric did you find a solution to your issue? My watch is doing the same thing!

martinsnchrist -

I changed my batteries for the first time on my Vivofit 1 (the first vivofit original). Now it is stuck on steps. The button does not work at all. It will not change to sync, to goal or any other screen. Can you help?

Mary Marshall - 답글

my device will not turn on. it will show the garmin screen then turn off again.

John Shultzaberger - 답글

Went for a swim earlier and now all I see is a black screen. Tried plugging it in to charge and now it won't stop vibrating but it still has the black screen. The garmin logo has come on a few times but then it goes back to black. Anyone know what I can do? Do I just need to wait? Happened about 2 hours ago.

Lauren - 답글

Actually came on here for the exact same problem. It turns on when I plug it in, and just goes to a weird screen... but as soon as I remove it from the charger it goes black

jgiaconia001 -

Lauren, did you find the solution to your problem? Today it happened to me too. I’ m so sad……….

ojog manuela -

Garmin vivosmart HR won't switch on, did an aqua aerobics class and I think it's clearly not waterproof!?! It's been on charge and it's less than a year old. Any suggestions? - 답글

Me too - I went for a long run, synced the watch to my phone, then jumped into the pool and then I saw a bunch of lines and I quickly climbed out of the water and the vivosmart HR has been dead ever since. Every time I've had a problem with it dying, I've hooked it up to the charger/fiddled with it and gotten it to come back, but this time, nothing.

I feel hopeful though because it has vibrated a few times and the light on the back comes on, and the screen, while black, occasionally shows some light, but no Garmin screen, nothing. I've tried rebooting, and I get that black light screen - is this hopeless? I've been swimming in this watch for a year, it seems odd that it would die now.

dbrick - 답글

I am having the same problem. Did you find out any information?

cgaskamp32 -

Anyone have issues with: a) not reporting stair climbs accurately. b) time is set to auto, but it sets itself ahead about 5 hours

Paul Toscano - 답글

My Vivoactive "find my phone" function is not working properly. When I press the relevant button on the watch, the display appears that suggests it is connected to the phone and the phone SHOULD be bleeping away ... but it isn't. My phone is NOT in silent mode and the ring volume is turned up fully and it's connected to the watch OK, so it SHOULD be ringing ... but it isn't. Anyone any ideas ?

jeffyates12762 - 답글

After I recharge my watch the touch screen doesn't work everytime, I would have to reboot the watch for it to work again.

Mel Lum - 답글

I did a "Restore Defaults" and it corrected the problem with the touch screen not working after I charge the watch.

Mel Lum -

I can use the forward in the reverse buttons on my music player but I can't get it to pause and play any idea

catlkate - 답글

I'm using vivoactive hr. It was working well for three months but now there's a problem. I can't swipe the screen up or down. I have restarted the watch twice and also restored to the factory mode. But the problem still persisted. What should I do, kindly help. Thank-you

Joshua Khauté - 답글

My watch has died and now will not charge or turn on???

eventer_18 - 답글

My HR+ continually says Bluetooth on or Bluetooth off. My HR watch does not do this. It will result in my battery running down and is very annoying as I'm getting vibration fatigue not knowing when to really look at my watch for real information.

decj - 답글

I have a vivosmart hr, bought it about 3 months ago and have been super satisfied, but today I was running with a friend and found out while my watch records a 6km run, her phone records for the very same track 4.3km. Now that's a huge difference and made me second guess all my trainings now. I did drive around the track to check if her phone might have been the problematic one or if the difference wasnt as big, and to my surprise got the same 4.3km. Can it be fixed? Ptherwise, what's the point in tracking something so off .. help anyonem please!!

Tania - 답글

My HR started not working today. Never happened before. I had the word Harmon on the screen for about 2 hours then it went blank. I've tried resetting and turning on/off with no luck. No reaction to it being plugged in either. Is it dead?

ddonovan1058 - 답글

Sometimes, my Vivoactive HR will reboot when plugging it on my iMac... And this usually results in data losses.

renechenard - 답글

The button on the bottom right (the 3 lines) does not work anymore any advice on how to fix?

Allison - 답글

My vivo active will not respond to and charger. Any ideas ?

aaron weiss - 답글

Late to the party. VivoActive went down when I tried to restart. Stuck on Garmin screen. Tried the factory reset by holding down buttons. Tried putting it on the dock holding buttons, nothing. When I try the factory reset, there are no vibrations, and the Garmin screen just reappears? Is this dead?

Erik Stejanko - 답글

I've had my watch now for 7 mths. I got mine for Christmas and yesterday it just turned off and now it won't come back on. I've even charged or for an hr, just to make sure it wasnt dead. It's not doimg anything. Anyone else has this kind of problem with theirs? I love my watch and want it fixed like now!!

Melissa Viney - 답글

I got mine for christmas too and mine stopped working this morning. It has worked great until now and nothing I try seems to fix it

Nicole Irving -

This also happened to my watch. They want to charge me R1910 to fix it, but it’s not even a year old. Did you find a way to get it to turn on?

Someone PLEASE help!

zaniebez -

I just buy my vivoactive HR when i open no power i charge and fund zero battery is this Ok normal for new unit?

We will charge first?

Rey Malinit - 답글

I am able to download widgets and sync and the widget is teher immediatly. When I try to download an application, one I would like for running, it appears to download and sync, but it does not show up on my device. I have tried several applications to make sure, but they all do the same. Can you help?

Cory Brooks - 답글

My screen went black and has white fuzzy stripes on it, any suggestions?

Deanna Girrens - 답글

My watch arrived safely, I plugged it in...charged it up and has worked great for 4 days. I go to plug it in on my computer with my UBC and now the screen went blank. I cannot get it to come back on? What I do? This model has the two buttons below the bottom of the screen.

Craig Clarin - 답글

I just replaced the battery on my vivofit 2 and now it won't count my steps.

Ruana - 답글

Please help me my vivofit 2 will not turn on I have replaced the batteries and it still won't turn on PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help

Aqua - 답글

this is not helpful at all, my device suddenly just froze up and this website will not give me anything on how to fix it.

Jessica Ricketts - 답글

My device is just froze in class, on this website there is NOTHING to help it. The screen is clean, it’s not broken and I can push any buttons or (obviously) touch the screen to get it to work. Never buying on again!!!!

Jessica Ricketts - 답글


My Vivoactive went off and does not want to switch back on. Have tried charging it and switching it back on. It does not want to switch on again?

Any advice?

zaniebez - 답글

I´ve only had my garmin for 2 months and since new keeps putting the wrong date and time, IO thought it was because I´m not an outdoor person and the gps has not been working for that reason but this vacation all I did was outdorr and the watch keeps movinfg the time, date and even sometimes it shoots down for no reason

mari rivas - 답글

My Vivoactive HR watch has developed an issue recently where it is fine after doing a reboot, but will become unresponsive after one or two day’s use, or even sometimes a few hours.

When the issue happens, I press the right button to unlock the screen and nothing happens, so I keep trying to press it and still nothing. Eventually it recognises one of the button presses and unlocks the screen, but by now it has queued a few instructions from button presses, and the time has frozen, like the watch is running out of memory, or the app that is running is unresponsive. The watch keeps trying to do things, but it’s always a few instructions behind and unresponsive. I managed to get it to start logging a swim last night, but when I checked, it hadn’t logged any data for the swim at all.

This issue has only started happening in the last couple of weeks. Strangely, it coincides with replacing the strap, which shouldn’t have any effect unless Garmin put some sort of protection against using 3rd party straps? Any fixes?

sbuk - 답글

My golf widget disappeared all together and I can’t find it anywhere. Is there a way I can retrieve it?

john doe - 답글

I am unable to pair garmin vivoactive with my new phone. Previously was paired with another phone, Each time I am trying to connect, the watch keep saying “Waiting to Connect”

Nina Xyg - 답글

When I take my Garmin VivoActive off the charger the screen goes blank or turns off.

soonflynn - 답글

Just got a brand sparkling new vivoactive HR in the mail today as my last one started taking in water a few weeks ago. Have it charging on my computer and trying to pair it with my connect app and Garmin Express with no luck. Then suddenly the screen goes black and there is no way to turn it on again. The HR sensor is blinking, but that’s about it. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it possible to reset it without the touchscreen? I tried pressing the buttons forever, in any combination, but nothing helps.

Silje Hårstad - 답글

My garmin vivoactive 3 doesn’t charge when I plug it. I tried to uptdate the device, to change the wallplug but the batterie still doesn’t charge

Jengau - 답글

Hi have the same problem since updating my watch….stuck on garmin screen. Tried a reset not response

Tara Chorley - 답글

My Garmin says I have 1200 steps and 752 active minutes. I've been sitting on the couch all day. How do I fix this?

Andrea Henry - 답글

My screen simply won’t light up. The vibrations and stuff still activate, but the screen won’t light up. It’s still reacting to touch, but I don’t know what it’s supposed to be doing.

MadelynN - 답글

My Garmin Vivoactive, stay in a diagnostic mode. The light is always on the screen show to me, Software version, time, temp, battery, ROM, RAM, Motor test, Charge state, HD ID voltage. I can active a motor test, pushing on the three bar. I can’t find a way to go out from this state, i try to press for 15 seconds the start button the device switch off, but when i switch on it goes to the same diagnostic screen.

niccoltesi - 답글

I just brought a vivoactive 3 and it was working oerfectly for the time i had it. It all of a sudden just went vlack and wont turn on at all. Ive tried to charge it (already had 80%) and still nothing. Is there anyother way to reboot it or anything?

Phyllisity Searle - 답글

I replaced the batteries in my VivoFit and it worked for 2 days then quit. The batteries were brand new Energizer batteries. Suggestions on how to fix it?

Sherry Hennes - 답글

My Vivoactive is not displaying my steps, stress, or stairs on my watch anymore. All of a sudden each one disappeared within a few weeks of each other. What is going on? How do I get them back?

mtucker0121 - 답글

My Vivoactive has stopped transferring my golf scorecard when I sync with my I phone. This worked previously

Harry Downie - 답글

who sold display for Garmin Vivoactive HR in EU ?

ryszard - 답글

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