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Your laptop restarts while you're in the middle of a task or gives you a blue error screen.

=== The RAM is damaged===

If the laptop you have is an old one and the RAM on the system hasn't been updated or changed since it was bought, it could likely be suffering from faulty RAM. RAMs tend to break down easily and you would need to refer to our Ram Replacement Guide.

If you encounter graphical issues when running graphic heavy software then the problem might lie in an outdated VGA (graphic) drivers. To solve this problem, you will have to access the driver manager. Type "update driver" on the Windows search bar. A window will pop up that has a list of devices, from that list double click on "display drivers". You should now be able to see your graphics card model, right click on it and select "properties." On the second pop up window, select the "driver" tab and then select the "update driver" option.

Oftentimes, temperature may be the cause of major problems. If the laptop restarts or stops functioning, feel the bottom of it to see if it is unusually hot. This is a symptom of the cooling fan being clogged or not working. To fix this issue you will have to either clean the fan or replace it. To access the fan, read the Cooling Fan Replacement Guide. If the fan is functioning, but there is significant dirt in it, get a compressed air can and use it to clean the fan.

Sometimes software corruption due to a virus or an improper install can cause the system to restart. A quick fix is to reinstall your software or install good antivirus software. You can also do a system recovery on your operating system to an earlier state which usually fixes software issue, to do this type "recovery" on the search bar and select the "recovery" option then follow the instructions on the pop up window.

The screen wont come on or there are cracks on the screen.

It is possible that the connection from the motherboard to the screen has come apart which would mean you will have to open up the monitor and reconnect the wires. You can follow our Monitor Replacement Guide to open the monitor casing and find the connecting cables.

If the screen has been completely damaged and there are cracks in it then you would have to replace the screen with a new one. Once you have a replacement screen follow our Monitor Replacement Guide.

The mouse cursor doesn't follow the direction of the mousepad during use.

If the mouse appears to move slowly in response to using the mousepad, you may need to increase the sensitivity of mouse within Windows settings. Type "Change Mouse Click Settings" on the Windows search bar. From there, a window will open, and you should click on the "Pointer Options" tab. Afterwards, drag the "Pointer Speed" bar towards a faster option.

If the mouse cursor does not move at all while using the mousepad, the mousepad may need to completely be replaced. To do this, you can follow our Mousepad Replacement Guide in order to open up the laptop and replace the mousepad.

The CD drive does not function as intended by playing inserted disks.

If the CD drive inconsistently reads disks, you may need to clean the lens with a lens cleaner. Simply purchase a lens cleaner and follow its instructions to clean the lens.

If the CD drive does not read any disks at all, and you have tried cleaning the lens already, you may need to replace the CD drive altogether. You can follow our CD Drive Replacement Guide to remove the CD drive from the laptop and insert a new one.

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