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HP EliteOne 800 G1 Troubleshooting

Your game froze, or windows stopped responding

The cooling fan could be clogged with dust or other debris. This issue may be caused by using the computer in a dusty environment. To remedy this issue, remove dust from fans by carefully blowing the dust off the fans and vents using compressed air.

If the room the computer is in is too hot, the fans cannot do a proper job of cooling the internal components. Move your computer to a cooler room in the building, as sometimes just a minor climate change can do the trick. If this is not an option, then check below in the guide.

After taking the aforementioned steps, if the problem still persists, there may be a hardware issue. Test the computer to see if any hardware (memory, processor, or graphics hardware) have failed. Reference HP's Hardware Testing Guide for how to conduct this test with Windows 8. If there is an issue with the hardware of your fan, check out the repair guide HERE.

Your prized copy of Friends Season 3 got stuck in the disk drive, and you can't get it out to put back into the case.

This may just be an issue with the eject button. You may need to eject through the operating system instead. This will bypass the faulty button. Go to start menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, then select "My Computer." You will see the drive. Right click and select “eject.” If this fails, try a manual ejection.

The drive may be jammed and unable to open with its own force. This may have been caused by dropping the computer or otherwise warping the plastic frame round the disk drive. You may need to apply pressure to force it open. Unfurl a paperclip or pushpin and insert into the manual eject button, a small hole on the disk drive itself. This will manually force the drive open.

Your computer won't turn on or respond.

This could be a simple issue of the power cable not being connected properly. Check the power cable connection in the back of the PC, as this may have been dislodged at some time.

The wall outlet may be faulty and not supplying sufficient power. Check the connection directly between the cable and the wall outlet you're using to power the PC. If there is a loose connection, try a different outlet in the room, or perhaps purchase a power strip to achieve a tighter connection. If after this step the problem still exists, you may have a faulty power supply. Check the guide, HERE, to learn how to go about repairing this issue.

Every time you type, your keys get stuck typing the same or no letters

Perhaps after the nights of eating over your keyboard caused crumbs to become lodged into the keys. These pieces of debris can cause the keys to get stuck in one position. Try turning the keyboard upside down and very gently shake it to allow any crumbs to fall out. Turn it over and place back on the desk and brush off any additional debris that is left on the keyboard then check to see if the problem is fixed.

Some debris is lodged under keys and needs to more force in order to come loose. Purchase a can of compressed air at an electronics store. Take the compressed air, taking care not to tilt it as liquid can fall out, and gently blow it under and around the problematic keys. Try the keys and if this hasn't fixed it, check out the next suggestion.

There may be something sticky underneath the key or something blocking the key press. Pry the problematic key up using a butterknife, flathead screwdriver, or similar tool. Use a swab with a bit of alcohol to clean the key slot and the underside of the key to remove anything that would cause sticking. Afterward, snap the key back into the key slot to lock it in place.

Right in the middle of sharing your BuzzFeed quiz on Facebook, your keyboard runs out of battery for the twentieth time

Leaving the mouse and keyboard on when not in use can drain battery over time. Try using the on/off switch to turn the mouse off when not in use for extended periods of time. The signal of the wireless keyboard and mouse requires more battery when the distance to the main unit is longer. When not using the mouse or keyboard, you should move it close the the PC to decrease the signal length. Dark colored and see-through surfaces are hard for the mouse to register movement on and could cause more strain on the battery. Do not use a dark mouse pad or use the mouse on glass, instead use it on a light colored mouse-pad.

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