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When you turn on the blender the blades do not turn.

Make sure the power button is not being pushed, then make sure the power cord is properly plugged into a functioning power outlet. If the blender was not completely secured in the power outlet, properly plug it in the power outlet. Proceed to use the blender for its intended use.

Check the power cord to see if there are any tears or damage, if so, you can attempt to replace the power cord using this guide. If the problem persists, then there may be another issue at hand. Continue reading the listed causes.

If the power cord is plugged and has not short-circuited, the power button might be stuck or unresponsive. You can use this guide to check inside the blender and remove any blockage or repair any damage to the internal wires.

If the blender is not functioning after checking the previous causes, the issue might be that the motor has overheated. In the case that the motor has overheated, you will need to buy a replacement motor and then replace the current motor with the replacement motor using this guide.

When the blender is being used, the blades do not work.

Check to see if the cord to the blender did not get unplugged while using the blender. If the blender is not plugged in, plug it back in and turn it on once more.

Solids like ice and frozen fruit might have stopped the blades from turning. Turn off the blender and unplug it. Open the blender and carefully remove any solids from under the blades to avoid injury. Then close the blender, plug it back in, and turn it on.

The power cord might have stopped functioning. In order to fix it, you must repair the power cord using this guide.

The motor might have stopped working. In order to repair it, you must replace the motor by following this guide.

During use, the blender begins smoking and might have stopped working abruptly

Make sure the blender is turned off and unplugged. Check the container for any food particles that may be obstructing the blades. Carefully remove the food particles with a spoon to prevent hand injury. After the obstruction is cleared plug the blender into an outlet and turn the blender on to ensure that it working.

Make sure the blender is turned off an unplugged. Check the power cord to see if any wires are damaged. If there is damage use this guide to replace the power cord. If this does not fix the problem there may be another issue than needs to be addressed.

If the blender does not work after checking the previous symptoms above, it may be the motor fan. Replace the motor fan using this guide.

The ingredients in the blender are not getting blended or getting jammed, leaving large chunks.

Make sure the blender is unplugged. Check to make sure that food or other ingredients aren’t jamming the blades. If there is food obstructing the blades, carefully remove the food with a fork or spoon to ensure you don’t cut yourself on the blade. With food no longer jamming the blade, it is safe to plug the blender back in to continue its use.

Make sure the blender is unplugged. Do not rub your hands or fingers on the blade to avoid cutting yourself. Visibly check to see if the blades are dull. If the blades are dull, buy a new blade and replace the blade using this guide.

As you’re blending, you notice liquid starting to spill from out of the container.

If there’s liquid leaking from the top of the container, the lid might not be properly secured to the container. Make sure the drinking hole is closed and the lid is fully pressed to the container.

Check to see if the leak is coming from somewhere other than the top. If so, the container might be cracked or broken and will need to be replaced.

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and will need to be replaced

so where can you get the container from?

itsshortforleo - 답글

Blender suddenly stopped working. Blue light turns on as do all function lights but blender will not work. Any suggestions. I don’t want to purchase a new one as this has only been used a handful of times and I don’t consider it to be disposable.

Heidi Tyrcha-Huth - 답글

The blade is stuck and will no longer turn. Even by hand it will only turn with the use of a wrench. I don’t see this problem addressed in this article anywhere.

Chris Cooper - 답글

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