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Hannspree Hannspad SN1AT71 Troubleshooting

Released March 2015

The camera has a crack in the lens ¶ 

There is a crack in the crack in the lens of the camera, and all of the pictures have a large blurry streak through them.

Replace the camera ¶ 

The camera needs to be replaced. An iFixit step by step guide can be found here

The Battery will not hold a charge ¶ 

The battery will be fully charged and then looses all of its charge in 15 minutes

Replace the battery ¶ 

The battery needs to be replaced. An iFixit step by step guide can be found here

No matter what you do, the Hannspad still shows a rotating logo

Reset and reboot ¶ 

Press and hold the power button for 8 seconds to reset and reboot.

Enter factory mode ¶ 

Use the hot key to enter into Android factory mode to recovery.

CLICK HERE for Android version 4.1.

CLICK HERE for Android version 4.2.

Cannot switch on the tablet in charge mode ¶ 

When you are in charge mode, you cannot turn on your tablet

Check battery ¶ 

Please check the battery. It must be over 14% charged. If not, please plug in the power adapter to charge. (The tablet must charge for over 30 minutes to power on)

Press power button ¶ 

Press the power button for 3 seconds then release it. The system will display the Hannspree logo about 3 seconds later.

Wrong position ¶ 

Check if power adapter is inserted into the wrong place (for example,the earphone jack).

Why can I search for Bluetooth (BT) devices with an iPhone, but cannot to connect to the tablet? ¶ 

You can search for Bluetooth (BT) devices with an iPhone,but you cannot connect to it.

Different protocol ¶ 

The iPhone system is iOS and the BT protocol is different from Android's. So normally, Android cannot support the iPhone's BT protocol.

Note: Other devices by Apple will have the same problem.

Note 2: Some special devices can support both iOS and Android's BT because they combine two BT protocol systems in one platform.

How many hours does it take to fully charge the battery? ¶ 

How many hours until the battery is full?

First two times ¶ 

The charging time may take up to 10 hours the first two times the battery is charged.

After the first two times ¶ 

May take up to 5 hours.

During charging, the battery icon on the screen will scroll.

When charging is complete, the battery icon will turn green and stop scrolling.

Note: It is suggested that you power off the device prior to charging.

Cannot unlock the screen after sleep mode ¶ 

You cannot unlock the screen after the tablet enters sleep mode

Button cannot be pressed ¶ 

The on-screen button is not meant to be pressed. Instead of pressing, slide the button from the bottom to the top of the screen to unlock the tablet.

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How do l read emails without downloading......also how do l delete unwanted emails

aliciawjackson - 답글

How do l read my emails withuot having to download, also how do l delete unwanted emails

aliciawjackson - 답글

таблета иска да включи

Anito Gegova - 답글

When I switch on my tablet all I get is the Hanna logo it fails to do anything else. Also when the charger is not plugged in it fails to switch off as restarts on its own but still only displaying the logo any idea what may be the problem? HELP

Stefan Lee Watkins - 답글

I have the same problem

Hannspree -

Do I need firmware to flash with. Can not find any on Hannspree site for this model— HELP PLEASE!!!!!

Hannspree -

The same is going in on my tablet.

Stephanie -

I beleive this is the firmware you are wanting, havent been able to flash as my tablet says an error about unable to create symlinks but here it is anyways:!oUcTEIjZ!18pxM10AAuao...

Ben Carmichael -

Canot get any move on from green hannspree logo after reboot from factory settings

margaret.marshall13 - 답글

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