There are a few different ways to find the studs:

  • Rent or buy an electronic stud finder from the nearest hardware store. This is the easiest and most reliable way to locate studs.
  • Knock on the wall - if you hear a hollow sound it means this is the drywall. A thinner sound means you found a stud.
  • If your house was built according to building codes, then measure 16" from the corner to find a stud. Repeat until you reach your destination area.

Note: If you mount the TV on the drywall, it is very likely to fall down because of its weight. You will have a broken TV + a damaged wall.

Use a pencil and a level to locate them. Be careful, you don't want your TV to hang awry, but evenly. Measure three times if you have to.

Drill them a bit smaller then the bolts which you will be using. Put the bracket on the wall to mark the spots where the holes should be.

Begin with screwing the largest bolts into the main holes with a drill. Check again if it’s levelled properly.

Remove the base of the flatscreen which holds it standing on the table/shelf and lay it on the carpet. You need the foundation to be solid, yet soft to avoid scratches.

Note: Make sure you’ve bought the proper bracket size. When in the store, ask one of the staff which bracket type is suitable for the size of your TV (tell him how wide is its screen in inches).

Locate the four holes on the back of your flatscreen and remove screws from the holes if you find any. Then, put the bracket in the correct direction and screw it to the TV.

Hang the flatscreen on the bracket and carefully tighten the nuts on it, so that the TV is securely attached.

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