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Infant Optics DXR-8 Troubleshooting

The video monitor comes with interchangeable optical lens, Released January 2015.

The Monitor Unit will not respond or show any sign of powering up.

Check to make sure the Monitor Unit and Camera are turned on. Hold the power button on the Monitor Unit for two seconds to turn on (check the Power LED indicator). Ensure that the power adapters are properly connected. If the problem still persists, the battery may need to be recharged or replaced. For the Camera, locate the On/Off switch and ensure it is positioned on the On side.

Check to make sure that the battery is installed correctly. The battery should be completely in the port and connected by three black, yellow, and red wires. If it is, make sure the battery is charged by connecting the Monitor Unit to a power socket. Consider taking a look at the battery guide. If the battery is plugged in correctly and charged, but the Monitor is still not working, the battery is faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement battery.

There are a number of possible reasons the battery is failing to charge. Check to make sure the USB Output Adapter is properly connected. Then check that the battery pack is properly connected inside the battery compartment. If it is not properly connected, reconnect the wire tab of the battery. If the problem still persists, try using the other USB Power Cable included.

It is recommended to try a battery "reset." Unplug the battery from the device for 20-30 minutes before putting the battery pack back into the device.

Check to make sure that the power cord is correctly connected to the Camera then to the power socket. If it is, then the Monitor Unit or Camera are faulty. If the screen is not clear and contains spots or marks, the optical lens might be dirty.

You have trouble listening to sounds through the Monitor Unit.

Check that the volume is turned on and set to high. Test the audio by listening in close range and large distance. If the audio is only distorted because of long distance, there is reception interference. To change volume, press the MENU button, and press either the LEFT button or RIGHT button until the Volume icon is highlighted. Then, press the UP button or DOWN button to set volume to your desired level.

If the audio sound is distorted when listening in close range, the speakers may be faulty and need to be replaced.

You have trouble connecting the Camera and Monitor Unit.

Check to make sure that the Camera and Monitor Unit are not too far apart. If they're in close range, the battery power may be too low, in which case you will have to recharge it. Other electronic devices may be interfering with the signal. Make sure they are placed away from the Camera and Monitor Unit or turned off.

Adjust the antenna on the Camera to a vertical position for best quality signal. Use of other 2.4GHz products, such as WiFi routers and microwave ovens, may cause interference. Keep the Camera and Monitor Unit at least 5ft (1.5m) away from these items, or turn them off. If you require more distance between the Camera and Monitor Unit, consider replacing the antenna for a stronger signal.

The latest version of the device has fixed this problem. Causes of noise may be due to low battery, alarm ring alert, or out of signal alert. The Camera and Monitor Unit may be too far away and out of range.

The night vision LED automatically activates given a low level of ambient light in the Monitor Unit's surroundings. Ensure that the monitor is placed in an environment with a relatively constant level of ambient light. If the problem persists, turn on room lights to force the monitor out of night vision mode and try again.

"You have getting the buttons to work properly or connect to the device."

Sometimes sticky things can get stuck in the buttons and prevent them from moving. If the buttons are stuck, follow the first step of this guide to clean the buttons once the screen is off.

If the buttons can be pressed but are not completing their task, make sure the Monitor Unit is on. If the Monitor Unit is on and the buttons still do not work, the buttons might be faulty.

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I have Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens Infant Optics.

The screen suddenly turned black and nothing could be seen. After attempting to troubleshoot, the screen image started flashing in and out of brightness, very low to very dark. How can I resolve this issue?

jessicalynn444 - 답글

I have had this same problem. Is there a fix to this issue? Black screen happened randomly, but I still can hear the audio.

jon flaig -

My screen went black but the audio remained, as well. I pulled the battery and after a few restarts the picture returned. I called Infant Optics and they said it was defective. They replaced the whole system under warranty (it was 15 months old). Great customer services fast and friendly.

Dustin McGehee - 답글

I have a DXR-8 and even when I have the unit right next to me it won't identify the signal. What is wrong with it? My daughter touched the remote once and it stopped working.

Ashika Patel Balani - 답글

I am having the same problem. I have a DXR-8 and my monitor keeps saying Warning no signal or unit is out of range and they are 1 ft from each other. When I first turned it on it showed the picture "live", now it will only show the warning screen or the unit is activating screen. No picture anymore at all. Does anyone have an answer or a possible fix?

cowboy_up2369 -

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