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Insignia Flex 8 inch NS-15AT08 Troubleshooting

This is the troubleshooting page for the Insignia Flex tablet with an 8 inch display with Android 4.4 software (KitKat).

The image on the screen is not responding.

A common cause for a frozen screen can be that the software has glitches or is not responding. You can reset the software by resetting the tablet. If the tablet is held with the camera on top, the reset button can be found underneath the opposite end. Use a thin, firm utensil such as a safety pin and push it through the reset labeled hole. This will activate the reset mode of the tablet. After pushing the button, wait for the display to return. If that reset method does not work, then hold down the power button, which can be found on the backside of the tablet, for a few seconds until the screen goes blank. After a few moments, press the power button to turn the tablet back on. The final reset method would be to take the battery out of the device. Turn off the device then take the back shell off of the tablet. There you will find the battery. Take the battery out then put it back into place. Check out the battery replacement guide to see how to remove the battery. Turn the device on and wait for the display to return.

If the screen still freezes after resetting, then the storage memory of the tablet may be full. You may need to add memory by a SD card. A SD card is not included with the device but may be purchased at several electronic retail stores. The slot for the SD card can be found underneath the tablet near the reset button as described earlier. Simply push the SD card into the slot until it clicks into place. The device may prompt you about the added memory.

After trying the methods above and the screen is still frozen and not responding to a finger or stylus, then the screen may need to be replaced. Check out the screen replacement guide.

The tablet has not been able to turn on no matter what you try.

Be sure that the battery has sufficient charge to power on the tablet. Plug the charger into the tablet and into a source of power such as computer or wall outlet. The tablet will notify you that the battery is charging. If the battery is unable to be charged, then the battery must be taken out and replaced. Check out the battery replacement guide.

If the above instructions do not help, then the battery is not the problem. The problem involves either the display or the video chip. Check out the screen replacement guide.

The camera is either taking blurry photos or simply not displaying an image.

If the camera is taking blurry photos, there may be something obstructing the lens. Make sure to clean your lens in order to rid anything that is obstructing the lens such as dirt, liquid, or food.

On the backside of the tablet, remove the shell. Place the tablet with the screen facing down. The camera should be located at the top right corner. Either of the small, brown/orange ribbons on the far right may be disconnected. They are labeled in white as "front camera" and "back camera". See the camera replacement guide to make sure the ribbons are connected properly.

If your camera is still not showing an image, then the camera is broken. You may need to replace the camera ribbons if they are bent or torn. If the camera is still not functioning properly, then you may need to replace the entire camera. Check out the camera replacement guide.

Headphones or speakers are producing either distorted audio or no audio.

If the audio through your headphones is not working, then the problem is in the headphones or the headphone jack. To ensure your headphones work, try them in another device. If the headphones work in another device, then the problem is the headphone jack. The headphone jack is the port shaped like a hole on the far right of all of the ports located underneath the tablet. Make sure nothing is obstructing the connection between the headphone jack and the headphone cord. Spray a can of compressed air into the headphone jack to flush out dust and dirt. If you are still not getting audio through your headphones, then you may need to replace the headphone jack.

If the audio from the internal speakers on the tablet is not functioning properly, then the speakers could be obstructed or broken. First, make sure to clean the speakers, which are located on the backside of the tablet, with a cloth and compressed air. If the speakers are still not working properly, then you may need to replace the entire speaker system. Check out the internal speaker replacement guide.

Internet connection on the tablet is not working or the tablet cannot connect to your wifi network.

First, make sure that all the necessary wires, especially the ethernet wire and power supply, are plugged in for your modem/router. Make sure that you understand your modem/router guides to know when you successfully have an internet connection on your wireless network. Usually, resetting the modem/router is very successful in restoring a good internet connection. You can do this by either unplugging the power supply or pushing the reset button on your modem/router.

If you have reset the modem/router and still cannot connect to the internet, you need to call your internet service provider to verify that you are still supposed to receive internet service. They will help you answer many of your questions regarding your internet.

If you are still unable to connect to the internet after verifying your internet service, then the problem might lay in the hardware of the device. The wifi antenna board may have a broken wire or it may be broken itself. If this is the case, you will need to replace the antenna board or wire. The antenna is a small black rectangle at the top of the device (just above the speakers and battery) on the inside. Step 9 on our screen replacement guide shows you where to find the antenna board inside the device.

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Using with keyboard case. Keyboard works fine when first plugged in but if Insig turned off and off keyboard does not work until plugged in again.

John Royse - 답글

I actually need to know how to get screen turned on after the screen has a timeout

apm42604 - 답글

What would you do for a screen that keeps glitching I would best describe it? Frozen at times, then when does move, moves at light speed?

Elizabeth - 답글

I need to know why the store isn't loading when I open it.

lyssie0405 - 답글

My tablet I powering on but that's all it's been doing for 24 hours

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