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Kindle Fire Will Not Power On

The tablet will not turn on or turns off as soon as it starts.

Faulty Charger

The charging device may be faulty. To test this, use another mini-USB charger (if available). If the device begins charging with the new wire, the old wire is the issue and you should buy a new one.

Faulty USB Port

If the Kindle Fire doesn't turn on when the charger is plugged into the wall and the kindle, and the charger works for another device, then the USB port on the Kindle Fire is faulty and can be replaced with this guide.

Faulty Battery

If the charger is plugged into the wall and into the Kindle Fire and this is the only time that the device will turn on, then the battery is faulty, and can be replaced with this guide.

Faulty Power button

If you know your charger is functioning properly and battery failure has been ruled out, the external power button may be inoperable.

Screen is Inoperable

The screen has cracks that interfere with use or will not turn on at all.

Needs to be Restarted/Software Error

Attempt to restart the device by holding down the power button for 2 to 3 seconds until the prompt to turn off the device appears. If you cannot press any of the options due to an unresponsive screen, continue to hold down the power button until the device turns off. After the device turns off, hold down the power button for 2 to 3 seconds to restart the device.

Screen is Cracked or Broken

Screen is Cracked/Faulty

If the screen is cracked or a restart does not cause the screen to become responsive, then the screen is faulty and can be replaced with this guide.

Audio Dysfunctional or Distortion

Device does not play sound or sound quality is bad.

Faulty Speakers

If the device fails to play any sound, first try to turn the volume up all the way. If there is still no sound or the sound is distorted, has static, or is raspy, the speakers will need replacing. Follow this guide to replace the speakers.

Faulty Headphone Jack

If an applicable device is plugged into the jack and no sound is emitting from the attached device, the headphone jack (also called an auxiliary port) might be faulty and need replacing with this guide.

Faulty Volume buttons

If you are attempting to adjust the volume using the external buttons and nothing happens, the buttons or their connections are faulty and will need to be replaced.

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When I turn on my Kindle, a big battery is there with some red on it. I restarted it yesterday and it turned on, but it won’t turn on when I restart it today. All I get is the battery in the middle. Don’t know whether this is fixable or not.

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