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Krups 963 Troubleshooting

The Krups 963 Espresso Machine is well built, but like all devices, it can occasionally encounter problems. Common issues and solutions are listed below. Repair guides are linked where more common solutions are required.

Machine Won't Turn On ¶ 

Main Switch Broken ¶ 

It is possible that the main switch is broken and may need replacing.

Cord Worn Out ¶ 

The cord may be broken and in need of replacement.

Steam or Water Leaks from the Machine ¶ 

Leak from Filter Basket ¶ 

Try to find the leak location. If the steam/water leak is between the machine head and the filter basket, the gasket may need to be changed (guide will be linked here).

Leak from Top of Machine ¶ 

If steam is leaking from the top of the machine, the lid may need to be tightened further or the gasket may need to be replaced.

Steaming Attachment Doesn't Work ¶ 

Attachment is Clogged ¶ 

It is possible the attachment is clogged and requires disassembly and cleaning or replacement.

Not Enough Water ¶ 

Insufficient water may be present to generate steam. Make sure enough water is used.

Water Heater is Broken ¶ 

The heating element of the machine may be broken preventing you from making coffe or steam. You may need to replace the pump.

No Coffee is Coming Out ¶ 

Coffee Packed Too Tightly ¶ 

If the coffee has been packed into the filter basket too tightly, water will not be able to penetrate through, even under pressure. Loosen the coffee.

No Water in Boiler ¶ 

It is possible there is no water in the boiler. Relieve the pressure by opening the steamer valve and check the boiler for water.

Machine Clogged ¶ 

The machine might be clogged with detritus or mineral deposits. Clean the machine (guide will be linked here).

Not Enough Coffee is Being Made ¶ 

Not Enough Water ¶ 

Water is lost to condensation and evaporation throughout the process. Add some additional water.

Water is leaking ¶ 

It is possible water or steam is leaking from the machine. Power off the machine to check gaskets (Guide will be linked here).

댓글 3개

Turned it in but won't work water in it put it sounds like the pump is not working any advise.

David Mills - 답글

The issue doesn’t seem to be that the coffee is packed too tightly and no water/coffee is coming out, but that way too much watered down coffee/water comes out…nearly all at once. Am I not using a fine enough grind of coffee?

John Bethany - 답글

The issue isn’t that the coffee is packed too tightly and no water can get through, but that too much water/coffee comes through almost instantly, so that the result is very weak coffee. Am I using too coarse of a grind of coffee?

John Bethany - 답글

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