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Lenovo Essential B570 Troubleshooting

You're pressing the power button but it won't turn on.

Plug in your device with the Lenovo charger and verify that the battery is charging via the indicator light on the front of the device. If it does not charge, the battery or the charger may be faulty. To replace the battery, use this guide

Ensure your Lenovo charger is working properly by looking for the charging indicator light on the front of the Lenovo B570. If it is not on, check that the outlet you are using is working properly. Do this by trying to charge an already working device, like a phone. If the outlet is functional, but the laptop is still not powering on , consider replacing the charger.

You are sure the device is on and running, but the display is not working.

The display may have been accidentally disabled. To re-enable it, first hold down the Fn key and then press down the F2 key. If the display was accidentally disabled, this should turn it back on.

If this doesn't work, try the previous method again and then hold the Windows key and press P twice. If the device had accidentally been set to Projector mode, this should change it back to Computer mode.

If the keys are sticking on your device it may mean that the keyboard is dirty. Clean the sides of the key in question with cloth.

If keys are missing from the keyboard, consider replacing the entire keyboard. If you are unsure as to how, refer to this guide

The device is overheating during normal operation and shutting down.

If there is a buildup of dust on the fan air vents, it can lead to ventilation problems and cause your device to overheat. To ensure there is proper airflow you should make sure the fan, heat sink, and vents are clean and relatively free of dust.

If your CPU is overheating despite proper ventilation and a functioning fan, it may be due to having insufficient thermal paste on your CPU. Thermal paste is a substance that goes between your CPU and the heat sink to allow maximum contact between the two for proper heat dispersion. To solve this, clean off the existing thermal paste and reapply.

Your device is running very slowly when trying to do basic processes.

If the device is running slowly, it may mean that the information on the hard drive is fragmented. When information is fragmented, it leads to increased read time and therefore slowing your device. To defragment your devices hard drive, search for defrag on your start menu and run the program. If you want to completely change and upgrade your hard Drive, refer to this guide

The only way to fix outdated drivers is to manually locate and update them with newer versions from the manufacturer. The current drivers are found on the product page for the Lenovo B570 on their website.

There may be an overflow of background processes running without your knowing. To minimize these, try downloading Jet Booster, or a similar program that easily allows you to choose which programs you want running and which you don't.

If all other options are exhausted and the device is still running slowly, it may be due to insufficient RAM. Replacing your RAM requires the laptop to be opened.

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my computer freeze after i log in. I shut down and relog in about 5 times what is wrong

Juanita S Daugherty - 답글

My computer freeze after I log in, Ishut down and re log in 5 times

what is wrong, its been doing this for a month

Juanita S Daugherty - 답글

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