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Mad Catz Dual Force 2 Pro Troubleshooting

The Mad Catz Dual Force 2 pro is a third party game controller designed for Play Station 2 gaming console by Mad Catz Interactive Inc. Here are some tips on troubleshooting your device.

You have a cracked rear cover when the plastic covering starts to chip off and has holes in it. For safety purposes, you need to replace your rear cover. The following steps will help you in accomplishing rear cover replacement.

You've tried all you could, but still can't get your buttons to work.

You have a broken button if it is cracked or does not perform the expected action when it is pressed. If this is the problem you are having, your buttons might need replacement. Follow these steps to replace your controller's buttons.

If replacing the buttons did not resolve the button issue, the problem might be that you have a faulty motherboard. Here are some instructions for replacing the motherboard.

You have a worn analogue stick cover if it has more friction than usual and painful to the thumb while in use. Here are instructions that will enable you to replace the analogue stick covers.

Your controller does not have the vibration effect any longer.

If your controller stops vibrating, the game setting might be the issue. Check the game setting and see if it has the vibration effect turned on. Problem not resolved? Read on!

If your controller does not work after turning ON the vibration effect in the setting menu, the problem is likely to be a faulty vibrator motor. Here are some instructions for replacing the vibrators.

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