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해당 위키는 저희 교육 프로그램의 멋진 학생이 작성하였습니다. iFixit 직원이 관리하지 않습니다.

You can extend battery life by closing running apps or by disabling apps that use a lot of battery. Make sure to turn off your Bluetooth and GPS when you’re not using these option, as they can drain your battery life. Also charge the battery only when below 10% and remove it from the charger once it reaches 100%. Try not to overcharge it. Keep the battery away from extreme temperatures. If battery is still lacking performance remove the back cover and replace the battery. If the phone still doesn’t charge or power up refer to the motherboard replacement guide.

Remove the SD card from its slot and then put the SD card back into it slot making sure the connection is complete. The physical connection may have not been complete. If the memory is full put a new SD card in instead of the original. If the memory is corrupt and it remains corrupt after both methods the SD & Sim card board (PCB) can be replaced.

First step is to go check your filters and settings to make sure they are on auto. Clean the lens with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol/glass cleaner to help with blurriness. Check the camera for cracks or other abnormalities. If this is the case replace the camera using the guides provided.

Use this as last resort before replacing hardware parts

  1. Go to the settings application - (if the app icon is missing, tap App menu filter which is located at the top, then tap All apps)
  2. Click on the privacy option. In the personal data section select the Factory Data Reset
  3. Follow on-screen instructions which will walk you through to completion.

Randomly powering on or off/freezing

Power cycle the phone as the operating system may have booted up incorrectly. This is accomplished by powering the phone using the manual buttons or by removing the battery. If this doesn't work try a factory reset before trying to replace anything. If this isn’t resolving the issue the operating system may be malfunctioning. You can replace the motherboard by following this motherboard replacement guide.

Power cycle the phone by pressing the power button or by removing the battery and powering back on. If flickering or faulty remove the battery and place in hot dry area as the humidity may be affecting the screen (BE CAREFUL to not overheat the phone it doesn’t need a lot of heat). If this doesn’t work or the phone is cracked see the guide on replacing the screen itself as a solution.

First step would be to clean the keys and make sure they aren’t sticking due to an outside source. Power cycle the phone using the phones manual reset or by removing the battery and then powering back on. If still unsatisfied try replacing the keyboard using the guides provided.

Check the settings first and adjust the volume through the settings. If this works try cleaning the volume buttons using rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. Also try to perform a power cycle by either manually powering your device off and on again or by removing the battery and then powering back on. If this doesn’t work it may be an internal issue which would be resolved by replacing the motherboard as these keys are tied into there.

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