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RAZR2 will not turn on

No matter what you do, you cannot get your phone to turn on

Power needs to be turned on

Before attempting to repair or replace your phone, try to turn it on by pressing the red "Power/End" button (just above the "3" key) for at least 5 seconds.

Phone needs to be charged

Plug the phone into your charger. Make sure that there is a good connection between the phone and the charger to get a consistent charge. Hold the "Power/End" to turn the phone on.

Drained battery

If charging does not seem to help, then it is possible that the battery has become defective and will no longer hold a charge. Replace with a new battery.

Contact with water

If your phone has come in contact with water, do not attempt to power it up or plug it into a charger. Take out the battery immediately and let the phone dry. Wait as long as possible before reassembly.

RAZR2 will not charge

Your phone will not hold a consistent charge.

Bad connection

The connection between the charger and the phone may be faulty. Check to make sure the connection stays consistent when you put it down.

The connection between the wall outlet and the charger may be faulty. Try plugging the charger into a different outlet.

Drained battery

The battery may no longer be able to hold a charge. Replace with a new battery.

Cannot hear incoming calls on my RAZR2

You cannot hear incoming phone calls through the speaker

The volume is too low

The volume may have been set too low. During a phone call, press and hold the up volume key to cycle from the lowest volume setting to a higher one.

The phone is connected to a Bluetooth device

Incoming calls may be going to a Bluetooth device that is paired with the phone. Using the directional keypad, go to Settings > Connection > Bluetooth Link > Setup. Scroll to and select Power. Scroll to Off to turn off Bluetooth.

RAZR2 will not make or receive calls

You cannot make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls

Lost service

Check to make sure that you are not roaming and have at least one bar of service. You may be in an area that does not have a strong cell phone signal. Try moving to a different area.

Airplane mode

Check to make sure that your phone is not in Airplane Mode. While in Airplane Mode, your phone’s standby screen displays a red "Phone Off" icon and will read "No Service". This mode is designed to block all incoming and outgoing calls. Using the directional keypad, go to Settings > Others > Airplane Mode. Highlight "Off" and press the center key on the directional keypad.

The phone is restricting calls

The phone may be set to restricted if you are unable to receive incoming calls. Using the directional keypad, go to Settings > Security > Restrict Calls. When prompted, enter the unlock code and press "Ok." (Your phone’s four-digit unlock code is originally set to 1234 or the last four digits of your phone number.) Select Outgoing Calls or Incoming Calls and press Change. With "Allow:" highlighted, press Change, then select All, None, or Contacts, and press Select.

RAZR2 camera is not working

Pictures look bad or are not saving to the phone

The lens is dirty

If your pictures are coming out blurry, then your lens may be dirty. Simply wipe the camera lens on the front face of the phone with a clean cloth. Use a microfiber cloth and some lens cleaning solution if the lens is still dirty.

The camera settings are unfavorable for the environment

If your pictures are consistently dark, the camera settings may be incorrect for the current environment. Press the "camera/camcorder" key. The phone will enter camera mode. Press the up and down keys on the directional pad to select lighting conditions. Select "Automatic" if you are unsure of your lighting conditions.

The resolution or quality settings are too low

If your pictures all have poor quality, then the resolution or quality settings may be set too low. Enter camera mode and press the left key on the directional pad to select options. Navigate to "Camera Setup" and press the center key on the directional pad. Select a higher resolution and a better quality setting.

The phone is out of memory

If pictures will no longer save onto the phone, then there may be no room left to store them. While in camera mode, look at the top right corner of the screen. There will be a number displayed. If this number reads zero, then there is no more room to store photos. Delete old photos or insert a new SD card.

The camera is broken

If the camera is not functioning at all, then it may need to be replaced. Follow the guide for installing a new camera.

RAZR2 has a frozen screen

The screen holds one image which cannot be changed.

The power is off

If the screen holds a plain black image, then it is possible that the phone has been turned off. Try pressing and holding the red "Power/End" button for at least 5 seconds.

The software has crashed

If the screen is holding an image and all of the keys are unresponsive, then the software may have crashed. Try holding the red "Power/End" button until the phone turns off. If the phone does not respond, try removing the battery, wait 30 seconds, put the battery back in, and turn on the device.

The keypad is broken

If the phone will not respond to the keypad after removing and inserting the battery, then the keypad may be broken. Follow the guide for installing a new keypad.

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