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NeuTab N7 Pro Troubleshooting

Device Will Not Power On / Not Charging ¶ 

The tablet will not show any signs of powering up or charging

Un-Charged Battery ¶ 

Plug in the the phone and check if it is charged. Then try turning it on again.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

Make sure the power cord is attached to the tablet and a power source. Note that the power cable will not power the tablet on some USB ports, so use the included adapter. If the device powers on only when the power cord is plugged in, the battery may be faulty. Replace the battery using this guide.

Faulty Power adapter ¶ 

Check that the power cord is plugged into the adapter, and the adapter is plugged into a power source. If the tablet doesn't begin charging when plugged in correctly, the power adapter or cable may be faulty. Consider purchasing a replacement.

Loose/Dirty Power Jack ¶ 

Insert the power cable in to the power jack ( labeled as DC - 5V ) and see if it fits correctly or is loose. Check for dirt or dust inside the power jack. If the jack seems loose or broken, it will need to be replaced.

Device Will Not Boot ¶ 

The tablet powers on, but encounters an error before finishing the start up process

Software Problem ¶ 

WARNING: Performing a factory reset will delete all personal data and accounts from the device.

Power off the device completely. Then, hold down both the volume up, volume down, and the power button at the same time until the tablet starts up in recovery mode. From here, you can navigate the menu using the volume buttons and the power button. Select Factory Reset.

Screen Not Responding to Touch ¶ 

The screen does not respond to being touched, but the physical buttons still work

Dirty Screen ¶ 

Clean the screen of any liquid or dirt. Use minimal amounts of liquid to avoid damaging inner electrical components.

Software Problem ¶ 

Restart the device, if the screen still doesn't work, a factory reset may need to be done. Follow this guide for performing a factory reset.

Faulty Screen ¶ 

The screen is likely broken and will need to be replaced.

Unable To Download Media/Applications ¶ 

The device is low on memory

Not Enough Space ¶ 

Check that the on-board memory and SD card are not filled with apps, pictures and other content. Delete unnecessary items to free up space.

Poor Audio Quality From Speaker ¶ 

Sound coming from the speaker is distorted

Dirty Speaker ¶ 

Clean the speaker on the top of the phone with aerosol and a Q-tip.

Loose Speaker Contacts ¶ 

Remove the back of the device following this guide. Notice the speaker mounted on the back cover and follow the red and black wires to where they are soldered on the motherboard. If either wires are loose or the soldering is touching each other, they will need to be re-soldered. Follow the speaker replacement guide for soldering the speaker wires.

Faulty Speaker ¶ 

The speaker may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Follow this guide for replacement.

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My tablet is not responding to anything. Power comes on but then no response to anything when touched. I have followed the instructions to reset. But nothing! I think it is a software problem, because when plugged into my computer I got a massage "there are no drivers". I got this as a gift. Can it be mailed to you for fixing?

Pleas advise as soon as possible, Mrs. Rasmussen

Mrs Rasmussen - 답글

I have performed a factory reset and my device won't boot. It's stuck at ALLWINNER screen.

Sir Poggy - 답글

Mine is also! Did anyone say what to do yet?

barbramidkiff -

Have you Got asolution to thi sproblem

crazyhorse557 -

What combination of buttons did you use to get it to hard reset?

Jim Ell -

Email me please jimmyelloneal@gmail.

Jim Ell -

Wine is also stuck on the ALLWINNER screen. I can't get it to go into the factory reset mode.

Randyro - 답글

My Neutab n7 pro not respond all that appears on the screen is android searching for apps then it changes to Allwinner nothing else this is a new tab that I purchased

Louise Nolan - 답글

My neutab m7 is not also responding all that is appearing is anroid searching apps thn it goes back to allwinners nothing else

simon - 답글

I tried factory reboot, I have some Chinese writing in one corner of the screen. If I touch the power button a bleeper goes off.

rick crammond - 답글

Tablet won't work I've done everything and it doesn't respond. Piece of junk.

Debra Glenn -

I bought 2 of these and both of them are doing these same thing, won't do nothing but show neutab only 2 weeks of use.

howardcheryl74 - 답글

I have a Neutab n7 pro.. It will not factory reset at all. I cannot get to that mode, I feel like I have tried every combination.. What do I do?


Jim Ell - 답글

I have done the factory reset and my tablet keeps sayin all andriod processing is not working. I've have reset my tablet 5 times already and it will not work. It will turn on to it's lock screen but it will keep saying andriod process not working every second I hit okay.

Susan - 답글

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