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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Troubleshooting

A GPS enabled watch that records your runs by keeping track of pace, time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

Details on the screen are hard to see ¶ 

My screen appears foggy and the information displayed is impossible to see.

Screen is dirty ¶ 

The time and date will not show up on the screen due to the fact that the screen is not clean. To clean the screen, take the screen protector out, wash it, dry it, and gently insert it back onto the watch. To open our watch and know how to get to the screen, follow our screen replacement guide here.

Screen is broken ¶ 

It is possible that due to water damage or trauma to the face of the watch, that the screen will need to be replaced. Instructions on how to replace the screen can be found here.

Watch band is broken ¶ 

Front band ¶ 

The watch is not wearable since it might have suffered water damage through sweat, making the band weaker. For this issue, it is hard to replace the front band due to the connected charging cable that runs within the band itself. To fix this problem, it is best to glue the broken parts together using water resistant glue and lay it out to dry for at least an hour.

Back band ¶ 

This is part is replaceable, use the back cover/back band guide located here.

Watch is not working correctly ¶ 

Software problems will show wrong time, date, and other inaccurate information.

Watch is not responding ¶ 

The watch may need to be reset if the screen freezes on a certain function. To soft reset the watch, hold the "UP" button and select this option on your watch. Note: this does not reset the time and date completely. If that fails to work, further action may need to be taken by plugging the watch into any computer with a USB outlet. If that also fails, take the watch back off. This will disconnect the battery, which will hard reset the watch.

Watch is out of date ¶ 

The GPS may not be updated with the latest software, therefore, the watch may need to be updated. Download Nike's official program and download the firmware updates with their program. Download here.

Watch is not turning on ¶ 

The device won't turn on or respond to a charge.

The battery is dead ¶ 

The battery may be burnt out and may require a new battery. To solve this problem, replace the battery with a new one that you can purchase off of Nike's website, using the battery replacement guide that can be found here. After this, plug it in to recharge the new battery.

The main board is damaged ¶ 

The main board has suffered damage and is not operating. Since it is attached to the front watch band, it is not easily replaceable.

Software issues ¶ 

You may have to factory reset the watch. This is possible by using a program provided by Nike. This can be found by following this link: Download here.

GPS is not working ¶ 

The watch will not sync my location and is taking a long time to pick up a signal.

GPS is obstructed by objects ¶ 

Try to stand still in the same location, away from buildings or highly wooded areas, which can affect the GPS signal since it is obstructed by objects. Resetting of the watch may be necessary to fix this glitch.

GPS unit is broken ¶ 

If the GPS is still acting up and not picking up a signal, you may have to replace the unit. You can replace the GPS unit by using the GPS replacement guide located here.

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Screen is not clear. It's not dirty or foggy or broken. It's just an "ashy" color. This watch is less than a year old. It's only been used for about 6 times. What gives already?

seashake - 답글

Screen is not clear. It's not dirty or foggy or broken. It's just an "ashy" color. This watch is less than a year old. It's only been used for about 6 times. What gives already?

seashake - 답글

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