Wii U won't turn on ¶ 

Game console is not turning on.

AC adapter needs to be reset ¶ 

Power issues can sometimes be caused by an AC adapter that needs to be reset. Unplug the adapter from both the console and the wall outlet. Wait a few seconds and reconnect both.

Faulty wall outlet ¶ 

A bad wall outlet could be the cause for a Wii U not turning on. Test the outlet by plugging in another electronic device to ensure that the outlet is supplying power.

Broken AC adapter ¶ 

The Wii U may not turn on if the AC adapter isn’t functioning properly. You can try a friend’s AC adapter or use a voltmeter to ensure the AC adapter is outputting the correct voltage.

Overheating console ¶ 

If the console is overheating, the fan may be dirty and needs to be cleaned. It is also possible that the fan is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

Damaged motherboard ¶ 

If none of the above steps got your Wii U to turn on, most likely there is something wrong with the motherboard. Replacing the motherboard should finally get your unit to turn on.

No video or sound is coming out of the television ¶ 

There is no video or sound coming out of the television or stereo.

Connections and settings need to be checked ¶ 

If there is no sound or video coming out of the television or stereo, then your cables may be disconnected. It never hurts to double check all of the connections between the Wii U and any other components. Make sure all the cables are securely plugged into the back of the console and into the inputs of the TV or stereo. Also make sure the TV and stereo are set to the correct input. You can also use known working devices and plug them into the same inputs as the Wii U to make sure that the TV or stereo are working properly.

Broken AV cables ¶ 

Broken AV cables may prevent video or sound from coming out of the television or stereo. AV cables sometimes break and tear from being bent too many times. Try checking that the cables are still working with another Wii U, or by using a continuity tester to test that a signal can transfer from one end of the cable to the other. If the cables don’t work, they need to be replaced.

Damaged connection in the Wii U ¶ 

The connectors on the back of the Wii U can be damaged, meaning the console may not be able to output sound or video. Look for any signs of damage on the back of the console. Also, hook up your Wii U to a known working TV and AV cable and make sure both audio and video are working correctly. If the console still isn’t working properly, then the motherboard may need to be replaced.

The GamePad won't turn on ¶ 

The GamePad is not turning on.

Dead controller battery ¶ 

If the GamePad is not turning on, the battery for the GamePad might just simply be dead. Something else to check for is making sure the battery does not look swollen or puffy. If it does, it is a definite sign of a bad battery and needs to be replaced.

GamePad analog sticks aren't responsive ¶ 

Analog sticks on the GamePad are sticking, or don't always respond.

Replace the analog sticks ¶ 

Analog sticks can wear out or become troublesome over time. Replacing the analog sticks should fix the problem. If they are only sticking, cleaning the contacts inside the device may help.

GamePad buttons aren't responsive ¶ 

Buttons on the GamePad don't always respond.

Checking the pads ¶ 

Sometimes the rubber pads that make the button work get moved or are out of place. Check the rubber pads under the affected buttons and adjust or replace them as necessary.

Replace the buttons ¶ 

Sensors like buttons can wear out over time and stop working. Replace any of the affected buttons and pads as necessary.

A CD is stuck in the CD drive ¶ 

Pressing the eject button on the console does nothing.

Disconnected eject button ¶ 

If the eject button is disconnected, try checking the connection between the motherboard and the eject button. If checking the connection doesn't fix the problem, try opening the CD drive to remove the CD manually, and then return the empty CD drive back to its closed position.

Disconnected CD drive ¶ 

The CD drive could be rendered unresponsive if it has been disconnected from the motherboard. Try checking the connection between the motherboard and the CD drive.

The GamePad controller is not recognized by the console ¶ 

The GamePad is not connected to the console.

Unsynchronized GamePad controller ¶ 

If the GamePad will not connect to the console, check that the antennas within the GamePad are connected correctly.

System Freezes Unexpectedly ¶ 

The Wii U freezes randomly and may make a slight buzzing sound.

Console needs to be reset ¶ 

Sometimes random freezing can occur after the system has been plugged in for too long. To rest, turn off game console and gamepad, unplug the game console from the power brick and the power brick from the wall outlet, and wait 10-15 seconds before reconnecting.

Network problems ¶ 

An interruption in the network can cause the whole system to freeze up. To test if this may be your issue, disconnect the system from Wi-Fi and try playing a game that is connected to Miiverse to see if freezing continues. If it does, change your router settings from “N” to “G”. If you do not know how to change router settings, try using a Wii LAN adapter to connect an Ethernet cable to your modem or router.

External hard drive problems ¶ 

Certain external hard drives, such as ones that use the console as as the main power source, can cause freezing in games. Even if your external hard drive uses an external power supply, it can still take power from the USB and overwhelm the Wii U. Try to move the titles that are freezing from your external hard drive to the Wii U’s internal flash storage. Then, unplug the external hard drive and see if the moved titles work now that they are in the Wii U’s internal flash storage. If they work fine, then the particular external hard drive you own is causing your system to freeze.

USB issues ¶ 

Certain devices that you plug into the USB port (keyboards, chargers, flash drives) can drain the Wii U’s power source. Unplug all devices plugged into Wii U’s USB ports to see if the freezing issue stops. If it does, you can individually test each device to see if a certain one is causing the system to freeze.

Wii U GamePad not syncing correctly ¶ 

The Wii U GamePad will not sync, or immediately loses sync after being synced

Multiple Wii U Consoles or GamePads in use ¶ 

Check to ensure that there are no other Wii U consoles or Wii U GamePads that are currently powered in your household. If there are multiple devices powered, this can cause confusion in proper syncing.

Device interferences ¶ 

Make sure that there are no other powered devices that can cause interference with your GamePad syncing.Try moving wireless devices, such as cell phones or tablets, three to four feet away from the Wii U console and GamePad while syncing.

GamePad needs to be reset ¶ 

Unplug the power cord from the console and leave it alone for 30 seconds. Then, press and hold the Wii U GamePad power button until the GamePad powers off. Wait for 15 seconds before powering back on the Wii U GamePad and plugging the console back in.

Wii U Gamepad Power or Charge Issues ¶ 

Gamepad will not turn on, or gamepad will briefly turn on, then immediately shut down. (Red LED or no light)

AC Adapter needs to be reset ¶ 

Power issues can sometimes be caused by an AC adapter that needs to be reset. Unplug the adapter from both the console and the wall outlet. Wait 90 seconds - it will take at least this long for the adapter to fully reset. Plug the AC adapter back into the Wii U GamePad and wall outlet.

Wii U won’t connect to the internet ¶ 

The Wii U is unable to connect online via Wi-Fi.

Reboot the system ¶ 

Take the disk out of the console. Turn the console off. Wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

Check to see if your console is updated ¶ 

From the Wii U Menu, select "System Settings” and using the Left Stick, scroll to the "System Update" icon and press the A Button. Tap "Update" to connect to the Internet and begin the update process.

Wii U shows inverted colors ¶ 

Inverted colors appear on the screen.

Reboot the system ¶ 

Take the disk out of the console. Turn the console off. Wait 30 seconds and then turn it back on.

Check to see if your console is updated. ¶ 

From the Wii U Menu, select "System Settings."Using the Left Stick, scroll to the "System Update." icon and press the A Button. Tap"Update" to connect to the Internet and begin the update process.

Check the HDMI cable ¶ 

Unplug it and plug it back in. If it looks like it has been damaged, replace it.

Change TV resolution ¶ 

Tap on the Settings button of the gamepad to open the System Settings. Go to the TV menu. Press A to validate. Select on the TV resolution men. Change the resolution to either 480p, 480i, or 1080p

Using Nintendo's Wii U troubleshooting page ¶ 

If the issues you are experiencing are not covered above, visit Nintendo’s Wii U Troubleshooting Page.

댓글 63개

So what if the HDMI port is broken? Would the mother board have to be replaced?

Marshall WahlstromHelgren - 답글

I have the same problem!

ben -

I have a flickering problem. I play normally but sometimes the screen flickers and shows some green, and pink bars for like milliseconds. I've checked the connections, changed the ports, even the HDMI cable and the problem is still there. Any ideas? The GPU? The connector of the Wii U?

diego777699 - 답글

The same thing is happening to me did you find a way to fix it?

chowder810 -

My ac adapter was chewed by a stupid dog and I was wondering can we just by another ac adapter or??!

Eli Ryder - 답글

I did something with the gamepad charger. I put electrical tape over the broken wire. Maybe you can try that with the AC adapter.

Lucas Hastings -

So I had to remove some jammed coins from inside the Wii u disc drive and I put it back together and now it's blinking blue And red. What did I forget something?

Adrian Melendez - 답글

I really want to know what it is.

Adrian Melendez -

every time i put in a game it always says invaild disc i put only wii u games not ps4 disc and i just bought mario party 10 its clean still wont work please help me

leothehero7 - 답글

same thing happened to me, yoshi's woolly world did not work until I opened system settings and than closed system settings.

JeffyStreet 123 -

My Wii u controller keeps adding an additional character on the Wii Marino kart game some how, it's like he A button keeps firing as an additional game player

mrslissiebee - 답글

My wii u keeps ejecting the disks on its own once its placed in the white light does not turn on im not sure what the issue could be.. Any ideas

Justina Velasquez - 답글

Is there any foreign objects in the Wii U disk holder?

Lucas Hastings -

My wii u power led is red but the console is on and working perfectly.

Im really concerned it might be close to breaking.

Matthew Cook - 답글

Gamepad not turning on can happen too if it have a faulty wireless module (2878D-MICA2). You can test it easily using a charger.

If it blinks an orange led when charging = dead battery. If an orange led keeps on even when you disconnect the charger = faulty wireless module.

Rodrigo Mafort - 답글

This is my issue, How do you fix the faulty wireless modem of the gamepad..

William Hopkins -

Wii u not opening any games, apps and even system settings (stuck at load screen on any case).

Fix: This may caused by a faulty bluetooth adapter (Test if you can sync a wii remote or pro controller to make sure). Change it and everything will work again.

Rodrigo Mafort - 답글

My wii u menu will not open. It keeps going straight to the wii menu, then when I click on the wii u menu, it restarts and goes back to the regular wii menu. ..wtf.

sara1639 - 답글

welp. looks like you got a Wii instead of a Wii U.

JeffyStreet 123 -

I honestly don't know what to say. .-.

Lucas Hastings -

I don't know how to help

Future Films -

First a disc was stuck and wii u would not eject it. Next day it did eject the disc, but now when loading a disc it will go in but then just spins and ejects the game out back and forth. No error shows just spins "trying to read" the disc but just spits it out and tries to reload but never works.

Staci - 답글

mine is doing the same thing did you get a fix?

goodmundo -

So replaced the buttons AND the white box in unit (with screen) and buttons still not responding yet everything else is what next?

jameshall87 - 답글

So if i turn on my gamepad,i click on netflix or anything really and says to get closer tl the console. Ill stand RIGHT in front lf the console. the gamepad isnt recognized by the console but even with the console on nothing appears on screen so i cant SYNC. What could this be please help....

Jesus morales - 답글

my wii u is stuck on the wii u screen. I tried power it off/on , disconnect the power and plugs , and let it sat for a day unplugged and still goes to that screen.

rob - 답글

My Wii U keeps crashing and it makes this weird buzzing noise. Lots of people have experiencee this same problem. It seems to happen most often in Minecraft: Wii U Edition. Someone, please help me!

Caleb Peel - 답글

hey, the same thing just happened to me while I blocked off some water in Minecraft.

Lucas Hastings -

hey, the same thing just happened to me while I blocked off some water in Minecraft.

Lucas Hastings -

I recently plugged a usb into my wii u, because i needed a bit more space. It worked, but the next day i wanted to play new super mario bros u and it just froze on that screen. Please reply if you have suggestions

Jacob Arvizu - 답글

My 6 year old son is devastated!!! All of the sudden every couple of minutes the game pad controller will starting beeping and saying something about the connection is unstable or has been lost make sure there isn't any interference or something like that.. But nothing has changed as I'm writing this it's happened 3 times!!!!!! HELP

Meagan Blatchley - 답글

This exact same thing is happening to ours. It will not connect. It IS synced. If we put the gamepad on top of the console, it works, but move even 5 inches away and it loses connection. So frustrating! Hoping someone can help us fix this!

Jennifer Colchado -

the image displayed in the TV from my wii u turns black for a few seconds and the comes back as if nothing happened, tryed to change cables, tested in another TV, same happends every time. The gamepad screen functions normally and when I use the A/V output it works fine as well. I am getting really desperate here.

José Vitor Jesus - 답글

After a slight fall on a bunch of blankets, my son's Wii U gamepad is not showing up on the TV. Why and Help?

Mikah Purcell - 답글

Whenever I go to make a Mii or use Miiverse, my console displays an error code and a black screen. Solution?

BestBuilder101 - 답글

my minecraft for wii u wont stay open! it opens then it says an error shortly later what do I do?

Esteban Toscano - 답글

I have a new charger but my gamepad is the same. My other gamepad is older but the screen is cracked and yet it still charges. My newer one won't charge so what should I do

Purple Swampert - 답글

Hmmm, Try swaping the screens and use the new gamepad screen with the old gamepad?

JeffyStreet 123 -

I tried an hdmi cord that works with my satellite box and also a different cord but my Wii U won't show up on my tv screen and the game pad won't connect to the console but I can't put any of those symbols in because it won't show up on my tv

Isabella H. - 답글

so i went on YouTube and was watching some videos then all of a sudden my wii u just freezes and its stuck on one part of the video. i restart it and it brings me to the wii u menu but it automatically goes back to youtube and being frozen, i try to press the home menu but it wont bring me back to the home screen... I dont know what to do!!!

Zion Soul - 답글

My Wii U fell as we were walking to take it somewhere because my son was going to take it there and play on it until I got back home. I told him it was fine and that he could still play on it, which was true but he could not play any games that are cd models and we could only play tye games that you download on the e shop. This has been going on for about 9 or 10 months. Please help he is so sad and keeps trying to fix it himself, but I think he keeps just messing it up more. Please help us out!!!

Brooke Ellis - 답글

your disc reader might be dirty. try cleaning it

ellie -

You might've damaged the disc reader, replace it. Or damaged the part that reads the disc by dropping it. I would suggest replacing or having someone else replace the entire cd drive.

Endergirl -

I've already reset my AC Adapter and resynced my gamepad but it STILL hasn’t turned on. I had it plugged in overnight so I know it isn't battery. The Wii U on the TV says it needs to check the gamepad for an update so, is that the problem or something else? If needed we can replace the Wii U battery.

Future Films - 답글

My wii u gamepad isn't turning on and I dont know why. I already reset the AC Adapter and resynced the console with the gamepad but it STILL won't turn on. The Wii U says it needs to check the Wii U Game pad for an update so is that possibly why it's not turing on? I can replace the battery if needed but If So, please let me know.

Future Films - 답글

my wii u won’t start up, it stocks at the Wii u screen and won’t conntius

Bekim Ramiq - 답글

My gamepad isnt working and ive replaced the battery twice now. Does anyone know why its not working?

Caden Blizzard - 답글

Have you replace the motherboard?

Super MiiWario Channel -

I have two wii u disc that will not work and are clean. No scratches. Nothing wrong with the disc. All other games work. Not understanding why only two won’t work. Always get the disc are dirty clean from inside to outside message. Called Nintendo customer service but they were no help.

Del - 답글

How do you fix an audio and charging port on the game pad?

nrk2011 - 답글

I’ve had this little problem where on and off, my controller won’t allow me to do things like press buttons, or use the touch screen. Like it practically becomes 100% irresponsive other than the home button and power button. Also, one occasions that it does work a lot of the time it will press the B button, when I don’t press it, or it will act or sense that I’m touching the lower left of the screen when I’m not. Today I also saw that it sensed the ZR button, and then the B button. Not saying it’s secretly possessed buuut I’m personally getting a bit tired of it. I don’t have any other wii U controllers, so it makes it really hard for me to even try to go to the settings or anything. Any suggestions?

Jellyfish - 답글

My wii u is stuck on user menu and the buttons won't work. Pls help meeee

Andrew Cosman - 답글

Wii U game pad is not charging. Plug in the charge light is on and orange about ten seconds. Then stops

Rob Butler - 답글

Hey Rob! Read my post maybe you have ideas.

Terry Cornett -

Go to the back, unscrew the 4 screwes, then unplig and replug in the battery. That's how it's fixed.

Endergirl -

Game pad is not charging. Plug in light is on and orange about ten seconds. Then stops.

Rob Butler - 답글

my wii u won’t charge! why?!

Thanos “Ultra Necromemeza” - 답글

I need help. so my charger part broke in my Wii U and it wont come out. so do I have too get a new one??

ellie - 답글

My wii u wont says error 150-2031 and the disc has no scratches what do i do. It also makes a weird sound that sounds like a denial and then the mesage comes up after 4 or 3 attempts. Pliz help

Ryan - 답글

My Wii u stop working, think my grandson changed game pad. I got to the symbols on the game pad, but, their not coming up on the tv so I can put symbols in order. Plz help.

Terry Cornett - 답글

TV reads no video signal.

Terry Cornett - 답글

Check the HDMI cable

Endergirl -

Anyone know how to replace an Right Wii U Gamepad Joystick or have a place near Everett that could do it?

Endergirl - 답글

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