Numark TT1600 Troubleshooting

The Sound Is On One Side Only ¶ 

The sound is reaching only one speaker.

Check Cartridge ¶ 

The stylus may be worn out if the sound is not functioning properly. If this is so, replace the cartridge.

RCA Audio Cord Connection ¶ 

Make sure both speakers are hooked up properly. Check that the red RCA plug is connected to the red RCA jack labeled "R" (this indicates the Right speaker). Next check that the white RCA plug is connected to the white RCA jack labeled "L" (this indicates the Left speaker).

If need more assistance see Cable Set Up

Damaged RCA Audio Cord ¶ 

From misuse, the RCA audio cord may be damaged. If so, replace cord.

Damaged Audio Jacks ¶ 

If none of the above suggestions helped you might need to replace the audio jacks.

Target Light Glows Inconsistently or Not at All ¶ 

The target light is malfunctioning.

Check Target Light Lamp ¶ 

If the target light lamp is burned out, replace the entire target light with a new one. Target Light installation

The Output Sound Exhibits Excessive Hum or Buzzing ¶ 

The sound is malfunctioning, making it hum or buzz.

Check Turntable Grounding Wires ¶ 

If the turntable grounding wires are not connected, connect them to their respective Ground Lug on the equipment.

Turntable is skipping ¶ 

If the turntable is skipping check the following things:

Check Surface ¶ 

Check the surface that the turntable is on to make sure it is level.

Damaged/Broken Cartridge ¶ 

The cartridge may have a defect and need to be replaced.

Excessive Force Applied on Platter ¶ 

For optimal playing, make sure there isn't too much force applied on platter.

Record is Warped ¶ 

The turntable could be skipping due to damaged records. Check records and replace damaged records if this is the case.

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