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OPPO N1 Troubleshooting

This is the OPPO N1 Android smart phone that was released December 10, 2013

My phone went skydiving without a parachute

After dropping your phone the back cover may be damaged.

Use this guide to replace the back cover

My phone went for a little dip in the pool

The motherboard could be fried and may need to be replaced.

Use this guide to replace the motherboard.

Music so loud the cover cracked

The plastic cover protecting the speaker and headphone area has been damaged.

Use this guide to replace the speaker and headphone cover.

Is it napping?

This is a common problem. For a hard reset follow these steps:

Connect phone to a charger for about one hour even if the screen is black to make sure the phone is charged.

After this time disconnect the phone from the charger and let the phone sit for about an hour.

Finally push and hold the power button until the phone turns back on.

Inspect the charging cable and the wall outlet for debris or dirt. Try different outlets and cords to determine if it is a problem with the phone, charger or outlet.

Inspect the micro USB dock in the bottom of the phone for dirt, debris, obstructions or obvious damage. Clean the dock connector with a toothpick, brush, or compressed air. If the dock connector is broken you will have to replace it with the correct part.

It is possible that the phone is on but nothing is visible because the screen is broken. You may wish to replace the screen using our guide.

O-no my o-touch won't work

It may be possible to replace the O-Touch area or to have the phone replaced by the manufacturer.

Try updating to the latest version of the software you are using. Early versions of Cyanogenmod were known to have this issue.

The swivel camera was my favorite part!

Make sure the swivel camera is selected and that the phone has space on it to store photos.

It may be possible to replace the camera.

Say cheese!

Make sure the rear camera is selected and that the phone has space on it to store photos.

It may be possible to replace the rear camera.

I wish I could use my phone right now!

You could consider replacing the battery.

Use this guide to replace the battery.

You may reduce the rate your phone loses charge at by using different applications or using your current applications for shorter time periods. You might also find the battery life is extended by reducing the brightness setting or turning off services such as wi-fi and bluetooth.

"Is this supposed to wiggle?"

Check this guide for instructions on how to remove the back plate to get to the buttons.

I hope this replacement is SIMple.

Use this guide to remove the SIM card tray and replace it.

Clear as dirt.

You may want to replace the screen if you cannot have the phone replaced by Oppo. You can see our guide on replacing the screen.

Use this guide to replace it.

It is up to you whether it is worthwhile or not to replace the screen.

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The music keeps on stopping all of a to fix this problem?

nurul diyana - 답글

my oppo N1 front screen has cracked it can be replaced what is the cost

anandkumar - 답글

i can see all the futures and touch screen is working but front glass has been cracked

anandkumar - 답글

My oppo r1l can't detect earphones. But my earphones work fine on others. Any solution??

Ayda Baheera - 답글

my bluetooth, wifi hotspot and wifi is not working. please help me.

Stephenie Augustine - 답글

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