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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Troubleshooting

Unstable Flight ¶ 

The drone will not come to a stable hover or the drone flips over mid-flight.

Reset firmware ¶ 

Press the red reset button located under the battery. You will need to use a stick or similar in order to reach the button.

If the drone's firmware has not been updated recently, an update can help solve your problem.

Dirty propellors ¶ 

Check to make sure that the blade of the propellors and the area surrounding the motors are free of dirt. If dirty, clean with a dry paper towel and make sure that the propellors spin free of obstructions.

Unbalanced propellors ¶ 

If after resetting the drone and cleaning the propellors the problem still persists, the propellers may need to be balanced. Over time, one of the sides of the propeller can become heavier than the other causing a minute imbalance which can be noticed when flying.

Battery will not charge ¶ 

The battery does not charge or charge fully.

Faulty battery charger ¶ 

Ensure the battery charger is functioning properly when a battery is connected and plugged into the wall. The light on the charger should illuminate red while charging and turn green when finished charging. If this is not the case, a new charger may be necessary.

Damaged battery ¶ 

Inspect the battery to make sure that there are not significant bulges. If the battery is deformed in any way do not attempt to charge the battery or use it in the drone. Replace the battery and safely dispose of the old battery.

Faulty battery ¶ 

If the battery is in good condition, check the voltage with a tool such as a multimeter. Set you voltmeter to the DC volts range. This will vary from meter to meter; therefore, refer to the user's manual of your specific meter. Measure the batteries voltage by touching the positive lead of your meter to the positive red lead on the battery and the negative lead to the black lead of the battery. The battery should measure within 2V of the voltage noted on the battery. If the battery voltage drops significantly after charging within a 3 hour period, the battery needs replacement.

Drone will not power on ¶ 

The AR Drone does not power on when the battery is connected.

Faulty battery ¶ 

See the "Battery will not charge" section to make sure the battery is fully charged.

Reset firmware ¶ 

Press the red reset button located under the battery. You will need to use a stick or similar in order to reach the button.

If the drone's firmware has not been updated recently, an update can help solve your problem

Faulty main board ¶ 

If the drone still does not turn on after following the previous steps, the main board on the drone may be faulty and need replacement. See Mainboard and Navigation Board Replacement Guide for further instructions.

The AR Drone does not pass "self-check" ¶ 

When the battery is connected to the AR Drone, it will initialize itself to make sure all components are working as they should be. The lights on the drone will illuminate in red initially. Then the drone will "wiggle" each propeller to make sure all motors are responding and will check to make sure the drone is sitting level. If all " self-checks" pass, then the lights on the drone will illuminate green.

Drone is not calibrated ¶ 

If all tests complete but the lights don't turn green, this is most likely due to the drone not being level. Firstly make sure that the drone is sitting on a level surface. If so, go into the setting on your smartphone or tablet and-and select the "Calibrate" option. The drone should be ready for flight.

Obstructed propellors or faulty motor ¶ 

Ensure all the propellors can spin free without obstructions then perform a reset of the drone. If you find problems with the propellors, see the section, "Unstable flight". If the drone still fails the initial check, then one or more of the motors will need replacement. See "Motor replacement guide" for further instructions.

Drone will not connect to a smartphone or tablet ¶ 

The AR Drone will not connect to a smartphone or tablet via WiFi.

Reset needed or outdated firmware ¶ 

Press the red reset button located under the battery. You will need to use a stick or similar in order to reach the button.

If the drone's firmware has not been updated recently, an update can help solve your problem

Improper IP address ¶ 

In your phone or tablet's WiFi setting of the device go into the details of the connection and ensure the IP address is The "xxx" can vary from either a single digit to 3 digit number.

Improper WiFi connection ¶ 

if already connected go into the wifi setting of your device and select "Forget this network." Restart your device and then go back and connect to the drones network. Then go into the drone's app and try connecting once again.

댓글 15개

Green light comes on one more will not spin after it landed hard

Anthony Mccoy - 답글

All red lights are on and will not self check or connect to any device. Ive pressed the reset a hundred times and charged battery. Whats wrong?

Jarvis Ewing - 답글

Reset button has to be pressed while the bar is connected. Maybe this helps, I pressed without the batt and nothing happened.

Dan P -

Iphone 5 is connected and works, but on ipad air app said wo wifi, however wifi is connected to drone same as iphone.

Andrey Zibrov - 답글

my drones blade is not even and i went thrugh all of the pro segers

Samanyu Donepudy - 답글

my drones blade is still unbalanced and i did every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fix this parrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samanyu Donepudy - 답글

It does the self check. One leg - no LED. Other three show Green. It does not connect. What is wrong ?

Mahabaleshwara BL - 답글

All of a sudden getting Video connection error. How to resolve this issues?

PavanKumarBN - 답글

Super basic answers, straight to the point. Very satisfied with the following information. If not working , try try try again. Where can I purchase the front main camera w/strip ?

Brandon Vick - 답글

My second hand AR Drone (Quite possibly crashed) completes self check, and gives 4 x green lights, but when attempting to take off it does not quite get off the ground and spins in circles with one motor still on the surface at all time, all 4 motors spin, rotor blades are on correctly and even,. I’ve ordered a new motor but as this motor on drone gives the green light after the self check i’m suspecting navigation board possibly? I’ve also taken the bottom plate off to check ribbons are secure, pressed the reset under battery and tried to press update on freeflight but it says drone is up to date. Any other ideas?

Jason Andrews - 답글

Bought a used drone but noticed I can get it to go higher than 10 feet and it’s really hard to get it going in a particular direction. Any ideas anyone ?

Andrew Milas - 답글

In the settings there is altitude adjustment, up to 100m

Dan P -

Hey my chargers light is not turning on anyone know how to fix this?

Victor Morales - 답글

My AR.Drone will not hover after I hit the take off button. Its not a controller problem as I have set the settings and nothing seems to change. Anyone have an Idea as to why y drone has not hovered in a set place since I started using it? Everytime I hit take off, it takes off in some random direction, almost like its got a mind of its own. Thanks

Ryoh Murofushi - 답글

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