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Photive Rain Troubleshooting

Released in 2014 by Photive; Model Number: PH-BTW-10.

Speaker Will Not Turn On ¶ 

Despite pressing the power button, the speaker will not power on.

Drained/Bad Battery ¶ 

If your speaker won't turn on, a drained or bad battery is the most likely cause.

Solution: Make sure the battery is fully charged. If the battery is fully charged (has been charging for an extended period of time with no power to the device), replace the battery. Remove the suction cup, and use a screwdriver to open the bottom cover of the speaker. Replace the battery which is attached to the bottom cover. This will require removal of old solder to the logic board as well as new solder to connect the new battery.

Photive Rain Battery Replacement Guide

Bad Motherboard ¶ 

If the speaker will not power on, the motherboard may be damaged or disconnected from the battery. This is the option to be investigated should changing the battery no remedy the situation.

Solution: If the connection spots are damaged, simply repair it by adding new solder to reconnect the port. This can be done with a soldering pen. If there is no sign of disconnection and the battery has already been replaced, the motherboard itself may be the problem.

Photive Rain Motherboard Replacement Guide

Potential Short Circuit ¶ 

If the speaker will not power on, a short circuit may have occurred in the wiring or on the motherboard itself. This is not a likely scenario and should only be considered as a last resort. Try replacing the wiring first, as it is an easier fix than trying to replace the entire motherboard; however, if all else fails this may be the only option.

Solution: If two soldering spots are linked to each other, use a knife to cut out a gap between them. Try replacing the wires that are obvious in the device (such as the speaker wires and the battery). If replacing the wires does not work, the motherboard is the only other option. To complete this, again remove the external capsule. Disconnect any connections to the battery and the speaker itself and remove the motherboard. Replace the bad motherboard with a new one of the same model and reconnect the other components.

No Sound from Speaker ¶ 

After speaker is powered on and connected, no sound is being emitted despite the music playing on the host device.

Volume of Source or Speaker is Turned Down ¶ 

This is the most likely scenario. If your speaker will not emit sound, the volume on the connected device and/or the speaker may be turned low or off. If the speakers volume is already all the way up, try turning up the volume on the connected device, as this can also cause issues with volume.

Solution: Turn up the volume of source or speaker.

Auxiliary/Bluetooth Not Connected ¶ 

If the speaker will not make sound, the output device may not be connected via Bluetooth. This can happen if the host device has Bluetooth turned off or just simply has not established a connection with the speaker, as it may be connected to another device.

Solution: Check if the source's Bluetooth is turned on and if the speaker is found by the source. To make sure it is not the speaker, connecting the device via the auxiliary audio jack is also an option.

Speaker is Disconnected from Wire ¶ 

If the speaker will not make sound, the speaker may be disconnected from the motherboard. This can be seen after removing the external hardware and looking at the connection port of the speaker and the motherboard. These are little plastic pins that may appear disconnected or loose.

Solution: Remove the suction cup, and use a screwdriver to open the bottom cover of the speaker. If the plastic connection ports are disconnected, try reconnecting them. Even if they do not appear loose, try tightening the connection. If the soldering spots are damaged, repair it by adding more solder to reform the connection. If the wires are broken, buy new ones for replacement.

Photive Rain Speaker Replacement Guide

Bad Speaker ¶ 

If the speaker will not make sound, the speaker itself may have gone bad. This may also present itself with distorted noises coming from the speaker while music is playing.

Solution: Carefully check the motherboard and see if there is any short circuit. Sometimes separating some of the attached wires would solve the problem. However, since a number of factors can lead to a bad speaker, usually users will need to replace the entire speaker. This can be completed by removing the hardware as with the motherboard to expose the internal components. Disconnect the speaker from the motherboard. Once removed, replace the speaker with a new one, making sure to reform the connection with the motherboard.

Photive Rain Speaker Replacement Guide

Bluetooth Will Not Connect ¶ 

After speaker is powered on, the external device is unable to connect to Bluetooth.

Speaker is Connected to a Different Device ¶ 

If your device will not wirelessly connect, the speaker, or your device, may already be connected to a different device. Check to make sure the music device is not connected to another Bluetooth device. Once that has been established, try to eliminate other possible sources of devices that the speaker may be connected too.

Solution: Find other Bluetooth devices nearby. If it other devices are connected to the speaker, cut off the connection, and establish a connection with the correct device. Make sure the Bluetooth of the speaker and the source are both turned on. If the device still will not connect, try restarting the device as this can sometimes clear any previous connections.

Bad Motherboard ¶ 

This is not the most likely scenario; however, it can happen. If your device will not wirelessly connect, the motherboard may have gone bad.

Solution: If the soldering spots are damaged, simply repair it by creating a adding new solder to reestablish the connection. If the motherboard is partly or entirely broken, the user may have to replace it with a new one. To do this, again remove the external hardware, disconnect all existing connections to other parts of the device, such as the battery and speaker, and remove the bad motherboard. Replace this with a good motherboard, reform the connections, and seal the device.

Photive Rain Motherboard Replacement Guide

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