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Remington MB4040 Troubleshooting

Cordless 120V mustache and beard trimmer released by Remington Products. Item # MB4040.

Remington MB4040 won’t turn on ¶ 

Drained/dead battery ¶ 

Plug in the charger. An LED light below the power button on the Remington MB4040 will illuminate if it’s receiving a charge. Allow it to charge for a few minutes if it fails to receive any charge the battery is most likely dead. If the battery is completely dead it will need to be replaced.

Power supply button malfunction ¶ 

Cycle power by turning the device on and off listening for audible signs of the motor attempting to start. If no audible signs are heard, disassemble and inspect the internal workings of the power supply.

Remington MB4040 won’t hold a charge ¶ 

Broken charger ¶ 

Unplug and clean the charger then plug it back in. If that does not fix the discrepancy the charger may be broke and needs to be replaced. Try using a similar charger with the same specs and see if you get a charge that way.

Do not exceed 5 volts if using another small electronics charger.

Broken outlet ¶ 

Try using a different outlet. If you really want to tinker use a multimeter to check the outlet voltage.

Dead battery ¶ 

If the battery is completely dead it will need to be replace. Remove and replace the battery. Step by step battery replacement is shown in this link.

Device spontaneously shuts off ¶ 

Defective thermal switch ¶ 

If the trimmer intermittently stops working with the power switch still in the 'on' position it is possible the device has overheated and the thermal switch has activated and shut off the device to protect it from any damage. If the trimmer feels very warm to the touch, give it 10 minutes or more to cool down before continuing use. If it does not feel warm and the problem persists the thermal switch may be defective. Replacement of this switch can be found using these steps.

Zoom wheel will not adjust ¶ 

The zoom wheel is used to adjust the height of the blades.

Gear is disengaged ¶ 

Make sure all the internal hardware is properly engaged and look for any signs of binding.

If binding is found, the device must be taken apart to remove binding from wheel. Use this guide to access and disassemble the zoom wheel.

Fails to remove Hair ¶ 

Dull Blade ¶ 

If the shaving experience is rough, or the blade fails to remove some hair.

Remove and replace the blade using this guide.

Remington MB4040 binds or has a low motor RPM ¶ 

Debris is caught in the motor ¶ 

Disassemble the Remington MB4040 and clean any dirt and debris that have accumulated over time. Reassemble and perform a function check.

Faulty motor ¶ 

If the Remington MB4040 is fully charged and it continually sounds like it is low on battery the motor may be faulty. Remove and replace the motor by using the guide with the attached link.

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I bought a brand new remington and it won't hold a charge for more than 3 seconds. I've tried every outlet in the house and none work. Waste of money, don't buy

brendan - 답글

I have the same experience, alas.

Henrik Dahl -

same experience. Two major problems with remington shavers. 1. The foils only last for about a month getting holes in it rendering the shaver useless because you can't buy parts. 2. The power recharge connection on the shaver ALWAYS becomes faulty at about the one month mark so you are unable to recharge. Have bought 5 of these and same issues every time. Get your $@$* together Remington!

Michael Mulcahy - 답글

DO NOT BUY. I bought the remington shaver and the battery died after about a month and now will not charge. Absolute waste of money.

hahuzien - 답글

exactly the same issue, returned to shop and replaced and it happened again. DO NOT BUY

Deku -

it stays on. i charged it now it wont shut off

Nick Cravens - 답글

I have the same issue right now and I'm trying to get to sleep help

Nicholas Isaacson -

I charged my remaington shaver and it turned it's self on and won't power off please

Nicholas Isaacson -

Just bought my new shaved and it literally doesn't shave… tried it for 30 minutes the result was absolutely null. Good power, brand new blades and guards, but even with more than adequate pressure it doesn't pull a single hair. Literally a waste of money lol. What is this brand doing with themselves

M A R V I N C A S I N O - 답글

I used it only one day after that that shaver is not working I have charged it... But no use even green light is not working

Sai Chetan - 답글

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