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Trouble Shooting Steps ¶ 

DVD Player Won't Turn On ¶ 

-Make sure that the DVD Player is connected to power

-There are no objects obstructing the disk tray from opening

Movie Does Not Play ¶ 

- Ensure that the disk is inserted in the right direction, with label facing in the

upright direction

- Make sure the appropriate DVD is inserted into the player ( CAUTION: BlueRay

DVD player won't function with this particular player)

Screen Is Blocked / Frozen ¶ 

-Hit and press the forward button for at least 5-10 seconds ( with no disc inside) and the equipment shall reset to factor settings

The Picture/Video is Distorted / Fuzzy ¶ 

-Make sure that the disc is clean and has no scratches

-Clean Disc

-Make sure all connections are in the correct positions and are firmly in their place

No Audio ¶ 

-Ensure that audio output in the Settings menu

-Ensure that the correct wiring components are in their appropriate places

Remote Control Will Not Function ¶ 

-Check the battery, make sure that they are in the right position, replace if necessary

-Make sure the distance between the player and remote are not larger than 20 feet

-Remove batteries, and hold down (any) buttons for several minutes to drain the microprocessor inside the remote, replace batteries and try to operate again.

Sound Is Not Being Reproduced ¶ 

-Make sure that...

1.) The DVD player is connected correctly

2.) The disk is in the right audio format

3.) The audio in the menu settings is configured correctly

The Cancel Icon Appears ¶ 

-The DVD software restricts that function

-The feature is not available at the moment

-The Chapter/Title you requested is out of range

Note ¶ 

If these steps do not help you, and your warranty has expired please refer to our repair guides that should be available soon.

These steps can be found in the user manual provided by your manufacturer

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