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Samsung MV900F will not power on ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Samsung MV900F to turn on.

Faulty Charging Cord ¶ 

Inspect the cord, make sure it is the correct Samsung cable. Make sure the adapter is plugged into an active power outlet. If this does not work, clean out charging port with small utensil to remove dirt.

Faulty Battery ¶ 

If the camera will only power on with the charging cable connected, regardless of charging time, then you have a dead battery. Refer to our guide for battery replacement.

Samsung MV900F flip screen will not function ¶ 

Make sure your device is adequately charged. If it is, and your flip screen is still not working, refer to our guide for screen replacement.

Samsung MV900F will not connect to wi-fi ¶ 

It is possible that you will not always have a strong connection signal to the internet.

Available internet connection ¶ 

The camera will only connect to a local or near-by wi-fi router. Make sure you are within reasonable distance to wi-fi router.

Functioning Router ¶ 

Press the reset button on your router to ensure that your router is functioning properly.

Samsung MV900F flash will not function ¶ 

While trying to take pictures, it is possible that the flash may not function.

Flash function is turned on ¶ 

The camera will not automatically adjust to dark area. Select the flash option.

Dead bulb ¶ 

If flash still does not function, the bulb needs to be replaced. Refer to our guide for flash bulb assembly replacement.

Samsung MV900F photos are blurred ¶ 

It is possible that the photos you take come out blurry, for numerous reasons.

Camera held incorrectly ¶ 

Make sure you hold the camera straight with a steady-hand. If necessary, attach the camera to the stand to help keep steady.

Camera used in low-light conditions ¶ 

It is helpful to take pictures in settings with adequate light. If there is no adequate lighting, press the OIS function or half-way press shutter to make sure the subject is focused.

The Subject’s eyes appear red in photo ¶ 

Eyes appear red in photos due or the reflection of light.

Eyes reflect light from camera flash ¶ 

Set the flash option to Red-eye or Red-eye fix. If the Photo has already been taken, selecting the Red-eye Fix option while editing will eliminate red eyes appearing in the photo.

Camera lens will not zoom in and out ¶ 

There are several possibilities for the reason of the camera lens not zooming in and out properly.

Cleaning ¶ 

Using a microfiber cloth, clean around the edges and lens of the barrel. You can also try using compressed air to forcibly blow out any obstructions to the camera or lens. Refer to our guide for lens replacement.

Batteries ¶ 

Make sure that you have charged batteries in your camera. Charged batteries will operate the motorized lens control. Try restarting the power to your camera to be sure.

Dropped Camera ¶ 

Dropping your camera can cause issues to your lens operation. If you drop the camera, an internal obstruction is possible. An internal obstruction can cause a jam with the motorized lens operator. Refer to our guide for lens replacement.

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