Samsung SGH-X495 Troubleshooting

Note: This trouble shooting page covers only the Samsung SGH-X495 phone. Earlier and later models may operate differently.

If your phone won’t turn on.

Has the phone been submerged in water?

If this is the case, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN IT ON! Thoroughly dry the phone, open it, remove the battery, and follow the steps to remove front and back casings to expedite the drying process.

Your battery may not be properly connected. Check the battery connection points to assure there are no obstructions, and reinstall the battery.

Sometimes it takes longer for the phone to start up. Make sure you’re holding down the correct power button, and hold it down for at least 5 seconds. Also check to see if the power button is jammed. If it is jammed refer to the keypad guide.

Your battery may not be charged enough to start up, especially if you have not used or charged it in a while. First plug in the phone and turn it on. If it doesn't turn on, then charge the battery with a different charger and try again to turn it on. If the phone still won’t start, try replacing the battery.

Check to see that the problem is not the charger. Check for the charging symbol on the screen to when plugged into charger. If the phone is not charging check the connection and/or try another outlet. Otherwise try a different charger.

The phone may be working but the display wiring is disconnected. Turn the phone on and watch for any lights that turn on and listen for any start up sounds. To ensure that the phone is off, remove the battery and replace it. If there is a display problem, see the Screen guide for how to fix it.

None of the other checkpoints work?

If you have checked all of the previous suggestions, then your motherboard may need repair or replaced. See the manual for step by step directions on replacing your motherboard.

You can answer calls, but who knows who they're from. Texts are impossible to read.

The phone is on but the screen is blank

If you dropped your phone, the wiring might be loose. Follow the guide on the motherboard to fix this.

If you dropped the phone in water, you may have damaged the Motherboard. To examine or replace it, follow the guide to the motherboard.

There are layers to the screen; usually the protective screen is all that has broken and this is attached to the faceplate, not the actual LCD screen. See the screen guide to replacing the screen.

Can't be heard on the other end.

Check the phone settings to assure that the microphone volume has not been turned off.

There might be a disconnection in the wiring. To examine this, follow the microphone guide.

It is possible that the microphone broke. You can replace it by following the guide to the microphone.

None of the other checkpoints work?

If you replaced your microphone and are still having trouble, the motherboard may be broken. See the manual for step by step directions on reaching/replacing the motherboard.

Experiencing a muffled or tinny sounding speaker? Is there no sound at all?

Check the phone settings to assure that the speaker volume has not been turned off.

There may be debris that have made it into the speaker or simply a loose wire causing the unclear sound. To clean and inspect the wiring, follow the speaker guide.

If the speaker has been damaged, and neither cleaning nor fixing/checking the connection doesn't solve it, you can replace it by following the speaker guide.

None of the other checkpoints work?

If you tried cleaning the debris from the speaker, checked the wiring and replaced the speaker, and are still having problems, then it could be a problem with the motherboard. The motherboard may have disconnected wires that you can inspect and reconnect. If the wires are fried or the motherboard is faulty, you can replace the motherboard by following the motherboard guide.

Your keypad is not responding to your entries.

Your phone may simply be locked. Try to unlock the phone.

One or more keys may be jammed. This can be fixed by viewing the keypad guide.

If the keypad is damaged, then this may cause a problem between the keypad and the motherboard’s internal buttons. To inspect keypad for damage, clean and/or replace the keypad, see guide to the keypad.

None of the other checkpoints work?

If you removed the debris and/or replaced the keypad, and it is still not working properly, you might need to replace the motherboardin order to re-establish a connection with the keypad.

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