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Sirius Stiletto 2 Troubleshooting

Released November 2007, model number SL2PK1

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Device won't turn on ¶ 

The device will not power on after pushing the power button.

Battery is drained ¶ 

The battery is the most common reason why the device will not turn on. Check to see if the battery is charged by plugging in the power adapter. If the device does charge but will not power on, the battery will need to be replaced.

Check to see if the battery is also properly inserted.

To replace the battery, check out Sirius Stiletto 2 Battery Replacement

Broken Adapter ¶ 

If the device is not charging, the power adapter may need to be replaced. The power adapter charges the battery so if the adapter is broken the device will not charge correctly.

Device does not have any audio ¶ 

There are no sounds coming from the device.

No headphones are plugged in ¶ 

Check the volume to see if it was not turned off. Make sure headphones are plugged into the device and make sure the headphones work on other devices to ensure that the headphones are working.

If replacing headphones does not work, the audio jack might need to be replaced.

Faulty volume button ¶ 

Check the volume to see if the sound was not turned off. If the sound does not change with each press of the volume rocker this may be indication that the part of the device that registers the volume being changed is no longer functioning. If that is the case then the entire device would need to be replaced.

Device is not getting any signal ¶ 

Displays "ACQUIRING SIGNAL" message

Interference ¶ 

If there is no signal, make sure you are in a open area. Enclosed spaces will usually weakens the signals.

Faulty antenna ¶ 

If there is still no signal, the antenna may not be capable of receiving signals properly. At this point, damage to the antenna would cause it to be irreplaceable and the would warrant replacement of the entire device.

Device's buttons are unresponsive ¶ 

Pushing buttons on the device doesn't do anything.

Locked ¶ 

Check to see if the device is "Locked" by looking at the power button. If the power button is pushed up, push the power button back down to "Unlock" the device.

Scroll Wheel is not working ¶ 

If the buttons on the device are still not working, the scroll wheel may not be working properly and needs to be replaced.

To replace the scroll wheel, check out Scroll Wheel Replacement

Device screen is dark/bright ¶ 

The content of the screen is not visible enough

Brightness Setting has been changed ¶ 

Check the brightness settings by going to Setting --> Display --> Brightness. Raise the setting if your screen is too dark. Lower the setting if the screen is too bright.

LCD Display may be faulty ¶ 

Worst case scenario, the LCD Display my not be working properly, or may need to be replaced.

To replace the LCD display, check out LCD Display Replacement

Music Library does not show ¶ 

No music or recorded files shows up in your MP3 library

Wrong file type ¶ 

Make sure you have files that the device can play. Supported audio files for this device are .mp3 and .wma file types.

microSD is not working ¶ 

Check to see if the microSD is properly inserted. The location for the microSD is behind the battery. If the music still does not show up, the microSD may be corrupted and needs to be reformatted.

To access the microSD, check out microSD Replacement

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