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The device does not respond when you press the power button.

  • Wait ten seconds after plugging the player in to press the power button.
  • Make sure device is plugged in to wall outlet, and ensure that the cord is securely plugged into the device.
  • Make sure outlet is functioning properly by plugging another device into the same spot.
  • If you were using the remote, try pressing the power button on the front of the device. If it is the remote that is not working, check the batteries, and make sure nothing is blocking the IR sensor on the front of the device.
  • If the HDMI cable is connecting the player to the TV, unplug it and attempt to turn on the Blu-Ray. If the player responds, go to the System Settings menu and turn off Control for HDMI.

If these options do not solve your problem, you may have an internal hardware issue that would require you to open the player and inspect the internal components.

Picture on screen refuses to respond.

  • Oftentimes when a device freezes, the best option is to restart it. Press and hold the power button for approximately ten seconds, or until the device is turned off all the way. Then wait for ten seconds and turn the player back on. If the device does not respond to the power button, you can unplug it from the power supply and then plug it back in after ten seconds.
  • If your device is consistently freezing while watching one disc, eject the disc and check that it is clean without dust or scratches. If the disc is not clean, gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth, then reinsert it and try it again.
  • Your player may require a firmware update through the Sony website. If your device is connected to the internet, the recommended way to update it is to go to the Setup menu and then select the Network Update option. If you are not able to connect your player to the internet, you can also download the update from Sony’s website onto your computer and transfer it via a CD/DVD or a USB storage device.

If these options do not solve your problem, you may have an internal hardware issue that would require you to open the player and inspect the internal components.

If your device cannot connect to the internet, there could be a number of problems with easy solutions.

If you are attempting a WiFi connection

  • If your WiFi requires a password, double check to make sure the password you used is correct.
  • Make sure your modem and router are properly set up. You may need to reboot your router.

It may be better to use an Ethernet chord to connect directly to your router.

  • Make sure the chord is fully connected.
  • Try connecting to a different LAN port on the router.

If your Blu-Ray player is not showing up on your TV:

  • Make sure the HDMI chord is plugged in all the way.
  • Push the input button on your remote or TV until it is set to the correct input, usually HDMI 1 or HDMI 2.

You may have an A/V receiver set up.

  • Mack sure you have two HDMI cables plugged in, one for the receiver and one for the TV.
  • Turn both the Blu-Ray player and the receiver on.
  • Change the TV input until the BLu-Ray Player shows up.

If you still need assistance you can view Sony's instruction manual here.

When you press buttons on the remote, nothing happens.

  • make sure the blu-ray player is plugged in, hooked up properly, and powered on
  • make sure the tv is on and set to the correct input (hdmi)
  • make sure the remote has working batteries, and the batteries are put in properly. also, don't use rechargeable batteries.

make sure the remote is pointing at the blu-ray player, the remote is being used between 3 and 10 ft from the player, and nothing is between the remote and the blu-ray player.

make sure the remote is sending an infrared signal by pointing it at your phone camera and holding down a button. the sensor should light up on your phone display. if it doesn't, then the ir light in the remote may need to be replaced. also, if you can see the light when no button is pressed, a button may be stuck, preventing other input from being registered.

  • for the remote, remove the batteries, press every button twice, and put the batteries back in
  • for the Blu-Ray player, manually power the device off and on again

If none of these solutions worked, the remote may be broken and should be replaced.

While using the Blu-Ray player, the tray will not open or eject the inserted disc.

  • Turn off and unplug the Blue-Ray player, let it rest for 30 seconds.
  • Press and hold the open/close button on the front of the player, reconnect the power cord, then release the button.

If the tray did not open, it may be stuck and need to be manually removed. See how here.

If the Blu-Ray player outputs poor video quality, the following may be the cause of the problem.

If trying to play video from a disc, fingerprints, dust, and/or scratches may reduce video quality. Try cleaning the disc.

The video cable may be the source of the problem:

  • Make sure that the cable is securely connected to both the Blu-ray player and TV.
  • The video cable may be damaged. Try replacing it to remedy the problem.

When playing video from a network connection, a slow connection speed may cause poor video quality.

  • If playing standard definition video, make sure the connection speed is at least 2.5 Mbps.
  • If playing high definition video, make sure the connection speed is at least 10 Mbps.

If you are using screen mirroring, interference from a wireless network may deteriorate video quality. Try playing the video from a wired connection.

If the Blu-ray player still outputs poor video quality, the disk reader may be damaged and will need to be replaced. See how to do so here.

If the Blu-Ray player will not read a specific disc, try following these steps.

Check whether the disc is compatible with the Blu-Ray player. A list of compatible disc types and their media can be found here.

  • Make sure the disk does not have any scratches or cracks, which may interfere with the reading of the disc.
  • If the disc is compatible and undamaged, try cleaning both the disc and the disc tray with a soft cloth.

Some of the Blu-Ray player's settings may conflict with disc playback. Try changing the following settings:

  • Change the Parental Controls settings to off.
  • Change the BD Internet connection setting to Do Not Allow. From the BD/DVD Viewing Settings menu, delete all BD-Live data.

Try updating the Blu-ray player’s firmware. Instructions for updating the firmware can be found here.

The lens in the Blu-ray player may be dirty. Try cleaning it with a lens cleaning disc.

Certain discs have special requirements for playback. Make sure these requirements are satisfied before trying to play the disc.

  • Discs with the BD-Live feature require a USB memory device with at least 1 GB of storage to be connected to the USB jack. Before using the USB device with the player, make sure it is formatted to the FAT32 file system and delete any existing files.
  • 3D Blu-ray disc movies require the use of a high quality, high speed a HDMI cable.

Try playing a different disc. If the Blu ray player is able to play a different disc, then the disc is the problem. Otherwise, continue onto the next section.

If the Blu ray player will not read any disc, try following these steps:

  1. Make sure that one of the Blu-ray player’s video outputs is connected to the TV’s video input.
  2. Easy Initial Setup may not have been completed. Make sure it is completed it before trying to play any discs.
  3. Your TV may not support the output resolution of the Blu-ray player. The resolution can lowered by pressing the STOP button on the Blu-ray player for 10 seconds. Also, if your TV does not support 1080/24p video, change both the BD ROM 24P Output and DVD ROM 24P Output settings to Off.
  4. The Blu-ray player may need to be reset. This can be done with either of the following methods:
    • First remove the disc and turn the player off. Then unplug the power cord, and wait one minute before plugging it back in. Finally, turn on the player.
    • If the previous method did not work, press and hold the STOP, PLAY, and POWER buttons simultaneously.

If the Blu-ray player is still unable to read any discs, the disc tray may be broken and will need to be replaced. See how to do so here.

Note: These instructions are adapted from Sony’s troubleshooting page, which can be found here.

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Power is on but doesn't function, won't shut down, DVD tray will not open.

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My TV screen shows the word SONY and Blu-ray Disk.

Eject button on the unit will not open.

Power button will not power the unit off.


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Mine is doing the same Sony is exchanging it hope everything goes smooth….

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Mine is doing the same just got off the phone with sony. They are exchanging it hope everything goes smooth only got to use it once…

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