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Sony Clie PEG-T615C Troubleshooting

1. Sony Clie does not charge properly

2. Handheld is not making any sound

3. The dial navigator does not work

4. The beam ion does not work


-The battery might be bad

-The charger might be malfunctioning

-Bad connection between charger and battery


-The speaker might not be on

-could have a broken speaker

-Volume might be turned down all the way

-Bad connection between speaker and motherboard

-Low battery


-The dial is broke

-Bad connection to the dial

-Could be deactivated


-The beam ion might be burnt out

-It might be turned off

-Bad connection to the beam ion and the motherboard


-Clean the charger slot out

-Buy a new battery

-Buy a new charger


-Turn the speaker on

-Turn the volume up

-Check the battery

-Check the connection to the speaker

-Buy a new speaker and change it out


-Check the connection to the dial navigator

-Check to see if the dial navigator is activated in the settings

-Change out the dial if it is broken


-Check the beam ion to see if it is turned on

-The beam ion may be turned off

-Change the beam ion bulb if it is burnt out

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