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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H200 Troubleshooting

Released 2013. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H200.

Camera is non-responsive ¶ 

The batteries do not power on the camera

The batteries are not in the camera the correct way. ¶ 

The batteries could have been put into the camera incorrectly.

Batteries could be dead. ¶ 

It's possible that the batteries died without the user knowing, and to change them use this guide.

Faulty connection ¶ 

It's possible that there's dust or dirt inside the camera stopping the battery connection.

Camera only works with Sony batteries. ¶ 

The camera might only work with Sony batteries, instead of any other brand.

Cannot Open the Battery/SD Card Door ¶ 

You are not able to open the door or the switch is stuck in one position

More Pressure Is Needed. ¶ 

It's possible that the user needs to press more firmly on the door and push in the direction indicated by the OPEN arrow.

Object Is Obstructing Switch Movement. ¶ 

Dirt or other material may be lodged in the switch’s working area.

Switch Is Broken ¶ 

It's possible that the switch got broken or dislodged and if it is broken use this guide to replace it.

Cannot close the battery/SD card door ¶ 

You are not able to close the door

Batteries Are Not Inserted Correctly ¶ 

The battery orientation may have been incorrectly done by the user.

Object is Obstructing the Door ¶ 

An object, dirt or other material may be stuck in between the wall of the camera and the door.

Wrong Battery Size ¶ 

The user may have put the wrong sized batteries into the compartment.

Switch Is Broken ¶ 

The switch may be broken or disconnected from the camera and if it is broken use this guide to replace it.

If the switch is broken use this guide to replace it. ¶ 

While holding the switch in the OPEN position, press firmly on the door and push in the opposite direction indicated by the OPEN arrow (toward the threaded hole for the tripod mount). Be careful not to push the ON/OFF switch while gripping the camera in place.

Cannot Upload Photos ¶ 

Computer does not recognize camera or will not upload photos

Faulty USB Cord ¶ 

There may be an issue with the cord or its components. Try using a different USB cord.

Obstruction in USB Cord Port ¶ 

There may be dirt or other materials in the port. If so, try to remove it.

USB Cord Port is Faulty ¶ 

It's possible that the port is damaged and if it is, use this motherboard replacement guide to replace it.

Computer Needs Repair ¶ 

You may need to change your computer’s settings.

LCD is Solid Blue, Black, and/or Unresponsive ¶ 

The LCD appears solid blue and will not respond

Lens Cap is On ¶ 

It's possible that the user forgot to take the lens cap off.

Screen is Broken ¶ 

The screen may be broken and if it is, follow this guide here to replace it.

Tripod Port will not secure camera ¶ 

The tripod port will not secure camera to tripod

Obstruction is Blocking Tripod Port ¶ 

There might be dust, debris, or other materials that is either covering the tripod port or are lodged inside the port.

Tripod port is bent or broken ¶ 

It's possible that the tripod port is broken. Check out this guide to see how to replace the tripod port if a new one is needed.

Tripod Port is loose ¶ 

The four (4) screws around tripod port might not be securely fastened.

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None of the above problems. Lens is stuck out and when power is swithed on nothing happens except green power on lamp. unable to switch off on button have to remove batteries

John Allen - 답글

I need help with my mine. Lens is stuck out and won’t turn off unless you take the batteries out - 답글

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