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Reduced Responsiveness or Fading Brakes ¶ 

The brakes feel soft. You have to press harder on the brakes to slow/stop the car.

Brake Pads are Worn ¶ 

Look at your outside brake pad through the space between the wheel's spokes; it should be 1/4 thick. If it is less than 1/4 thick, you may want to replace your brake pads.

Leak in Brake Lines ¶ 

A sign of a brake fluid leak is the presence of a puddle of fluid on the ground when the car is parked. Brake fluid looks like fresh motor oil.

Car Shakes/Pulls to One Side when Braking ¶ 

When you brake the car shakes and/or pulls to one side.

Brake Rotor is Warped ¶ 

Check through the wheel arches to see if the rotors are warped. If they are replace them.

Screeching Sound When Braking ¶ 

You hear a screeching sound when braking.

Brake Pads are Worn ¶ 

The small metal shim, called an indicator, inside the brake pad may be rubbing the rotors, making a screeching sound. This is a sign that your brake pads are very worn down need to be replaced.

Air Conditioning (AC) is Weak/Not Blowing ¶ 

Bad Electrical Connection ¶ 

Somewhere in the system there is a faulty electrical connection. Check for blown fuses or stripped wires.

Worn Out Blower Motor ¶ 

The blower motor is old and worn out. It will have to be replaced.

Pulling to the Right or Left ¶ 

"The car tends to drift to one side or you have to wrestle with the wheel to go straight"

Bad Tire Alignment ¶ 

Get your tires aligned.

Crooked Steering Wheel ¶ 

"The steering wheel is tilted while driving in a straight line"

Bad Tire Alignment ¶ 

Get your tires aligned.

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