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When trying to power on the device, the android logo pops up on the screen but then the device freezes.

Restart the device.

Put the device into recovery mode.

When trying to turn on the device, it will not respond. The screen stays black.

Plug device into charger and let charge for a while.

Plug directly into a computer.

The device will not always charge when plugged in.

Use another charger/ outlet.

Move cord around trying to get it to start charging at all to check for a bad cord.

Devices battery dies quickly. The device will randomly die even though it will say it still has life.

Make sure it's an OEM charger.

Turn down Brightness.

Make sure all apps on internet are closed.

The device says it is connected to the to Wi-Fi but when trying to use the internet pages wont load.

Make sure network is up and running.

Forget Wifi on device and re-connect.

Restart device.

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How do I get the bluetooth back on tablet

Dawn - 답글

My tablet will not connect to the internet. It says the WiFi is connected. I have tried to connect through 3 different wireless networks and I have tried all of the above steps. I even did a factory reset even though there was nothing on the tablet because it won't let me connect to add anything

Tiki - 답글

Please help cannot connect to up and running internet access

aprillaamareine -

My pad got got broken by another repair services center how could not explain its mis function after I give it to them…help me.

Theodore Miller - 답글

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