Back Casing Will Not Stay Attached ¶ 

Phone Will Not Turn On ¶ 

  • Low battery: check battery meter or connect to charger.

Unable to Charge ¶ 

  • Charging cable could be loose. Remove it and reinsert firmly.
  • If the phone displays an "Invalid Battery" or "Unable to Charge" message, see the Battery Removal Guide and make sure the battery has an "Original Equipment" hologram.

Sticking Keys ¶ 

Phone Will Not Make Calls or Text ¶ 

  • Check positioning of SIM card.
  • SIM card is out of place - reposition the card.

Vertical Lines on Screen ¶ 

  • Replace the flex cable that is connected to the circuit board.

White Screen ¶ 

  • Remove the battery while the device is on (forces the phone to dump its temporary memory).

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