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Vtech Move and Crawl Ball Troubleshooting

There isn't a response when I press something on the ball.

First, check if the batteries are put in facing the right way. If they are put in correctly and the ball will not turn on, try fresh batteries. This device runs on 3-AA batteries.

If the batteries are new and put in correctly, check the switch to see if it slides easily. If you can’t physically move it something may be jammed between the switch peg and the outer shell of the ball. If there is nothing on the outside blocking the switch, the solution to this is to open the device to see if there is anything blocking the switch from the inside. If nothing is physically inhibiting the power switch then the next step would be to replace the switch.

When I press a button, there is no music even though it moves, or the music skips like a scratched CD.

First check the sound switch to make sure the yellow switch is above either the low or high sound setting, this also turns on the device.

If all of other functions work, but there isn't any sound, first check the wires that connect the speaker to the circuit board. If they are connected to both the speaker and the circuit board then the speaker may need to be replaced.

It doesn't roll very much, or at all.

Try using the device on a hard flat level surface such as a wooden or tile floor. Thick carpet could prevent the ball from moving to its full potential.

If the problem persists and the ball doesn't seem to roll as it once did, the weight inside causing it to move may be jammed or its motor may need to be replaced.

One of the lights doesn’t light up anymore.

The LED bulbs within the device may need to be replaced or have fallen out of place.

When I push a button there is no response.

Try pushing the the buttons to feel if it is hard to push. If it is, open the item and look to see if there is something inside keeping the button from being pushed down.

The connection within the device from the button to the circuit board may have been disconnected or fried. You should replace the buttons.

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How do I switch from the Spanish mode to the English mode?

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Mine is stuck like a broken record. It starts okay, but then makes this most annoying sound over and over and over again.

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