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원문 게시자: Eric Viitala ,


OK Joe,

So you replaced the valve cover gasket and coil pack boot, but what about the coil.  You must have coil on plugs, so you'll have to check each coil.  You can get a tester that reaches down into the plug from the outside of the plug well and lights up with each spark pulse.

Take all the plugs out and crank to blow out the oil.  Clean all the plugs with electrical cleaner or brake cleaner and reinstall.  Make sure the coils snap down on each plug and reconnect all wiring.

Turn the key to on for a few seconds and check for fuel pressure at the fuel rail.  The port looks like a tire valve.  Push in, but have a rag over it to catch the fuel spray.

It should start now.

If not, double check all your connectors and fuses.  There  is probably something simple, since it ran before changing the valve cover.

Good luck.