Display swap from A1085 to the A1107

Is it possibele to replace defective LCD panel on the

17 inch A1107 from A1085, or A1052, A1013 models ?

Thank you

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If you have physical access to the displays run the manufacturer numbers on the back for comparisons/equivalents... according to this comparison it would appear that A1085 should work as it runs off the same video card as the A1107, all be it with less VRAM. IMHO the A1052 and A1013 versions would not.

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Vitali, looks like they have a different LVDS connection. A1107 LP171W01(A4) and A1085,A1052,A1013 LP171WP4(TL) check the datasheet for the LP171W01 from here and the LP171WP4 from here. those are the ones for the panel and the suffixes usually refer to revisions of the panels and not the panels itself. Looks like they are not compatible. Hope this helps, good luck.

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