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Backlight filter bypass problem

Hi, followed the how to's on bypassing a blown backlight filter using a small dab of conductive paint.

The iPad Mini sprung back to life and seemed ok but when the screen times out and goes blank it won't restart. The backlight on the screen is still lit but it's totally blank.

Disconnected the battery and it's totally dead, tried again after an hour and it started up but did the sane after the screen timed out.

Any ideas?

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So....you didn't heed my warnings about the conductive paint being a horrible idea for iPad mini backlight repair....

This is definitely a short caused by the conductive paint. I see a dozen iPad mini backlight repair "oops" cases a week, and the ones with the conductive paint are the worst.

You need to get a toothbrush and some alcohol and do your best to scrub that stuff out of there. Send it in for a proper fuse replacement, and cross your fingers that the short was only the conductive paint, and not that the conductive paint short caused a heat build up under one of the chips that melted some solder balls to create a permanent short.

And then throw that pen away.


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This could be caused by the missing filter:-) I'd suggest you replace it instead of bypassing it.

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