An android smartphone released by BLU Products in December 2013.

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How do I fix my BLU Studio 5.0 power button?

My power button on my BLU Studio 5.0 is broken and it seems to be the only way to use the phone and i wanted to know if there is a way to fix it or to use the phone without it.?

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Same thing for me

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seems like a manufacturing problem as it broke after 6 months of using it...

anyone out there with an idea?

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If the phone is not turning on, try rebooting your phone by pressing the power button and the volume at the same time. If the phone is not responding to this, it might be that the power button is damaged and has to be replaced. Visit the Troubleshooting page for additional information.

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Hi it was raining and my phone was on the seat I wiped all the water out of it. Now it blinking and won't work. Do I need a new phone.

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