Screen comes up then goes black

My computer comes up and ask for my password. When I put it in and hit enter the screen goes black and nothing happens. What can I check?

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I have a HP TouchSmart 300 Desktop PC that goes off continuously after working for an hour or two. Once the heat sink is hot, it goes off permanently no matter the attempt to bring it up for work, not until it is allowed to rest and cool for about 2-3 hours again.

This is disgusting, what will I work on?


Engr. David Oke

Davok Consult Limited,

Abuja, Nigeria

Hi @davok ,

Can you hear the fans running or feel the air coming out of the vents in the computer at all?

Are the fan vents clear and unobstructed?

Here is a link to a video on how to clean the fans in a TouchSmart 300.

me too have this same problem.

even I replaced PSU and heat sink paste but no use. i have same problem still. pls help us

i have a similar problem but without the exhaust fan running at high rpms . i boot up and twenty minutes later it goes black . programs still running and having to do a hard shut down . i have been quoted a nine hundred dollar price tag from the idiots at geek squad . my rig is all custom hardware with a $4,867.36 price tag . because it is custom hardware they want me to spend twenty five percent of the original price to repair it . i need a better soultion to my problem well its my hp’s problem . sorry for rambling but i am uber frustrated.

Hi @illyrika ,

Given that your rig is custom hardware I'm assuming that it is not a stock standard HP Smart 300 desktop PC which this page is about.

What is the make and model number of the motherboard?

If you use a plug in GPU card for video output and not the motherboard's onboard graphics (if it has this option), have you tried using the onboard graphics to determine if the problem still occurs or not?

If not then you may have a GPU card problem (if it has fans are they working?

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